Quality Line Product: a unique and newly expanded initiative


Our 20,000 partner producers supply Carrefour and Carrefour market stores with more than 110,000 tons of fresh, quality core-market products that meet stringent requirements for traceability, quality and taste. Customers enjoy having access to authentic, easily identified and sustainably produced products that are guaranteed to come from a reliable source and are sold at a fair price. These products are the result of long-term partnerships with our suppliers of meat, deli products, fish, seafood, vegetables, cheeses, eggs and even honey!

A stronger agricultural partnership
To ensure its customers enjoy the best products available, Carrefour is expanding its commitment by establishing new three-year agreements with all of its partner producers. With this long-term pledge of support, Carrefour can forge lasting relationships based on trust, develop responsible production methods and ensure that agricultural producers can continue to thrive in the future. Carrefour is committed to ensuring that each of these men and women can pursue their livelihoods under the best possible conditions.

A fair price for a win-win partnership
The producers who opt to join “Carrefour Quality Line” campaign are demonstrating a genuine commitment. Thanks to this mutual trust, Carrefour stores can sell products of guaranteed quality, produced by the best methods available, while producers are assured of having consistent access to multiple markets for their products. Carrefour also strives to ensure a fair price for everyone: producers are appropriately compensated for the quality practices they maintain, while Carrefour customers enjoy the best possible value for core-market products.


Demanding specifications, plus inspections at every stage
Traceability of food products from the farm to the dinner table is at the heart of “Carrefour Quality Line” campaign. In order for a product to be included in the Quality product line, its producer must comply with a stringent array of specifications.

These rules specify the production methods that must be used as well as taste criteria and obligations with regard to protecting the environment. Carrefour appoints an independent inspection body that monitors compliance with the product specifications. These inspections are conducted on each animal used in meat production, each batch of cheese and seafood products and each plot of land used to grow fruits and vegetables. It adds up to an annual total of 3,000 inspections and over 1,000 product analyses. A Carrefour quality manager oversees quality indicators and improvement plans for each type of product.

Expertise designed to ensure taste and quality
Producers committed to farming and breeding practices that promote flavourful, authentic and diverse products.

A variety of practices to ensure good-tasting, quality products

• Fruits and vegetables
Cultivated in accordance with natural growing cycles, these products hail from the very best of French farmland. Fruits must have a minimum level of sugar, and their freshness is guaranteed by strictly limiting the time it takes products to reach store shelves once they are harvested.

• Cheeses
All cheeses are made from raw milk. Animals are fed a diet of hay and unfermented fodder, coupled with summertime grazing. The maturing time for each cheese provides for exceptional taste.

• Meats
The animals are reared and slaughtered in France. The rearing methods respect both the animal and the environment. Certain animals, such as calves, pigs and chickens, receive a GMO-free diet (< 0.9%). Beef is required to mature for a minimum of twelve days to ensure tenderness.

• Seafood
Domestic fish and shellfish are traced from their point of origin and fed a controlled diet. Farmed fish receive a diet that is GMO-free (< 0.9%).

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