Food safety: a must!


Food safety is a priority for Carrefour, a health necessity and a prerequisite for our customers' trust.  

For Carrefour, ensuring its stakeholders' full confidence and complying with regulations is a responsibility. Carrefour is both a manufacturer and distributor of its own-brand products and a distributor of "national” brand products. It must therefore ensure safety in both these areas and, to do so, has developed and implemented a particularly stringent Quality system.


Monitor each stage, from the field to the store!

For Carrefour-brand products, the Quality system involves every stakeholder and covers every stage of the manufacturing process, from the choice of raw materials to the carefully selected suppliers, whose sites are audited on a regular basis. Carrefour's Quality managers work closely with suppliers to ensure the monitoring and traceability of ingredients and raw materials, the compliance of the production processes and product quality with the specifications, etc. These products are then inspected every year by independent testing laboratories, during the entire time they are on the market, subject to a corrective action plan. Dedicated teams then monitor food product safety in the warehouses and stores. Auditors visit these sites each year to ensure that the product manufacturing processes comply with the food safety and quality guidelines prepared or recognized by Carrefour. This is the case, for example, with the cold chain compliance management systems. With real-time monitoring implemented at the stores, it is possible to know at all times whether a particular display unit or cold storage room is functioning and to be alerted immediately in case of failure.


Effective crisis management

Since there is no such thing as zero risk, Carrefour has implemented a system for managing product alerts and withdrawals that is both fast and effective. In less than 30 minutes from the detection of a non-compliance, the stores and warehouses concerned are alerted and instructions are sent to them, usually requesting that they remove the identified product from the shelf. In case of a major health problem, a crisis unit is set up immediately and trained teams ensure the protection of consumers, the company's fulfilment of its responsibility and the technical handling of the incident. It is organized so as to be operational immediately and function 24/7.


Safety on an international scale

This vigilance is a non-negotiable rule at every Carrefour warehouse or store, whether a subsidiary or franchise, regardless of its location. Carrefour applies the highest standard of excellence – often higher than local regulations – all around the world. For Carrefour, promoting its individuality thanks to a range of good, healthy and responsible food products, knows no exception. The Quality division coordinates the international network of Quality teams in the countries where Carrefour operates, disseminates internal guidelines and provides the teams with technical support to implement best practices. These countries, in turn, organize numerous self-inspections for the products they develop locally as well as in their stores and warehouses. They are audited regularly to ensure the proper application of the product safety system. More often than not, the local teams wish to go beyond the Group's guidelines and improve relations with the country's health authorities. Best practices are shared via an advice, exchange and training platform and allow the teams to position themselves at the highest level.

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