Sustainable fishing


Encourage the responsible consumption of the sea’s resources
Carrefour has announced that by 2020, half of all fish that it sells (both wild and farmed) will be sourced from responsible supply chains.
In order to meet this target, Carrefour:
▪    gives preference to fishing species that exist in abundance, products that have been certified by the MSC (the Marine Stewardship Council), sustainable fishing and fishing methods that have less of an impact on our ecosystems. Carrefour has also suspended sales of sensitive species;
▪    has developed a responsible approach to aquaculture by selecting fish farms that have adopted good practices (limiting industrial fishing, prohibiting the use of antibiotics and – where necessary – GMO feeds) and by giving preference to responsible aquaculture products certified by the ASC (Aquaculture stewardship council);
▪    supports sustainable local fishing through partnerships with local organisations;
▪    enhances the diversity of seafood products, sharing demand out across different species and taking the seasonal nature of sea produce into account;
▪    promotes initiatives to combat illegal fishing.
The Group regularly consults its stakeholders on biodiversity and sea products in putting together its action plan. A working group of four NGOs and two Carrefour suppliers is involved in monitoring the action plan.
Overfishing is a global problem requiring local solutions. Solutions to protect resources must be adapted to each fishing area and put into practice jointly alongside local stakeholders. The approach is therefore being developed slowly but surely in accordance with initiatives taken at country level.

Key developments
In 2016, Carrefour decided to give a boost to its responsible fishing initiatives.
▪    Carrefour France has gradually discontinued the sale of 12 species that are under threat in France.
In Carrefour France stores:
->    in the frozen foods department, all Carrefour wild cod sold is MSC-certified;
->    in the canned products department, fishing methods that have less of an impact on the ecosystem are in the process of being developed for tuna;
->    in the fresh fish department, in 2016, 33 MSC/ASC-certified hypermarkets were selling 100% MSC-certified cod and 100% ASC-certified Carrefour Quality Line salmon – the most popular fish in France. These hypermarkets have been MSC “Sustainable fishing" and ASC "Responsible aquaculture" certified. Carrefour also guarantees that this salmon has been fed without GMOs and reared without antibiotics.
▪    In 2016, Carrefour and WWF France decided to focus their partnership on sustainable fishing. Carrefour France, WWF France and Seaweb Europe (an environmental organisation which works to protect marine resources and ocean ecosystems) held a conference on sustainable fishing, bringing together professionals from the sector, institutions, scientists and NGOs. The three organisers, in conjunction with the EJF, published a good practice guide to combat illegal fishing.
▪    Carrefour Spain held its first sustainable fishing forum in order to promote measures to preserve biodiversity and ensure the sustainability of fishing products.
•    Carrefour Italy is one of the MSC’s special partners for developing products derived from sustainable fishing methods: 12 Carrefour-brand MSC products have been developed.
•    At international level, the current lack of data about certain species and the methods used to fish them makes it impossible to ascertain the extent to which their fishing is sustainable.

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