Develop apiculture


Pollination is what ensures food safety and diversity. The planet's bees symbolise day-to-day biodiversity and play an essential role in society.

Carrefour therefore supports apiculture and has set itself the target of ensuring that all of the countries in which the Group operates have adopted a bee plan by 2020. The four key initiatives covered by this plan are as follows:
1.     continuing to install beehives on the roofs of stores in order to raise customers' awareness of the role that bees play in the environment and developing apiculture in suburban areas;
2.     give priority to listing local and national honeys in order to support bee-keepers;
3.     introducing a brand of Carrefour Quality Line honey in each country to create direct partnerships with bee-keepers and ensuring traceability;
4.     and incorporating a chapter on protecting pollinators in the specifications for fruit and vegetable Carrefour Quality Lines.
Since 2011, the Group has been installing beehives on roofs and around its stores in order to integrate biodiversity into its sites and support local bee-keepers in all of the countries in which it operates.

In Belgium, France and Poland, 48 sites have beehives on their roofs (stores and head offices).

In France, 42 Carrefour sites now have 150 beehives on their roofs or in their surrounding areas. Honey is harvested by local bee-keepers before being sold in stores or donated to charities or schools. These initiatives raise people's awareness of the need to protect biodiversity and of the role that bees play as pollinators in supporting plant species.

In 2016, Carrefour supported producers of French royal jelly by developing Carrefour Quality Lines of the product alongside three bee-keepers.


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