Offering a credible alternative to GMOs


In light of the controversy surrounding genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) and the lack of long-term data on their impact on biodiversity, Carrefour has implemented a proactive policy in this area since 1998 with the support of different NGOs including the WWF.

In the Group, no own-brand food product in any of our own-brand ranges contains GMOs and derivatives with the exception of Argentina, where in spite of local regulations in favor of GMOS, takes steps to offer an alternative to GMOs whenever possible.

In Europe, Carrefour has extended its commitments to the feeding of animals used for Carrefour fresh products and has developed a traceable GMO-free soya meal network. 

The Group offers since 2012 more than 350 Carrefour and CQL products in different European countries labelled “Fed without GMOs” to meet customer and consumer demand for transparency. 

This commitment has prompted the Group to turn to French producers of soya and other plant protein sources to support the guarantee that certain products are GMO-free.  In sourcing non-GMO soy, Carrefour is implementing supply-chain traceability, through ProTerra certification for example. This certification integrates environmental criteria to help limit the risks of deforestation.

Today Carrefour’s offer on own brand products labeled ‘fed without GMOs’ as such covers the following own-brand range of products: chicken, eggs, pork, veal and farmed fish. At the end of 2016, in France, Carrefour launched a fresh whole milk from cows raised in the meadows during the season and fed without GMOs.


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