Carrefour and WWF launch together the campaign "More than a plush"


WWF launches forest toy collection, More than a plush, and replicas of several wild animals such as owls, deer, marmots, rabbits, foxes, wolves and bears struggle with WWF for the waters, forests and wildlife of Romania. The toys are expected to be taken home by nature lovers, form Carrefour hypermarkets in Bucharest until December 31, 2017 - Carrefour Baneasa, Carrefour Orhideea and Carrefour Colosseum.

"WWF toy collection More than a plush is a special selection created within the partnership of WWF Romania and Carrefour Romania, and the funds from the sale of plush toys are totally transferred to WWF Romania as donations for projects for the preservation of freshwater, wild forests and species in Romania, "says Cristina Haita, Corporate Partnership Coordinator at WWF Romania.

WWF Romania's priorities are to protect forests, water and wildlife. To protect the forests, in 2012 WWF laid the foundations of legislation to protect virgin forests and identified over 30,000 ha of virgin forests in the past 5 years. It was also among the organizations that fought for the inclusion of 24,000 ha of virgin forests in UNESCO's patrimony in July.

"Forests in Romania are home to a lot of animals, some of which have already disappeared from other countries, such as the brown bear. That's why, to add an educational component, toys in stores can be found in a special box with information about the wild species that each plush represents and for which every person who buys a WWF toy fights. For example, 40% of Europe's bears live in Romania and, by choosing a plush bear, help protect them by supporting WWF efforts, "said Alexandra Dumitrescu, Digital Fundraising Coordinator at WWF Romania.

Protecting natural rivers in Romania is another priority of WWF, which is fighting to save the Jiu and restore the Danube meadow, with 2,000 ha being already reborn. Regarding wildlife, WWF brought back the bumps in the Tarsus Mountains in the Southern Carpathians and struggled to combat poaching in the sturgeon, but also to actively keep the only bearded orphanage in Europe.
As the title says, the Carrefour Group and WWF Romania have started a three-year strategic partnership this year, aiming to protect 21,000 ha of forests, as well as promoting responsible consumption and a sustainable lifestyle among our customers. employees and Carrefour suppliers. During the three years of partnership, a total of 21,000 hectares of forest will be valued, with the aim of identifying virgin forests and then obtaining protection status. Vineyards are the last forest ecosystems in which nature survives in its pure form without being significant affected by human intervention. In the virgin forest there are trees of all ages, under the crowns of the giants over 500 years, there are over 10,000 species of animals.


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