Our ethical principles


Our ethical principles aim to formalize the ethical framework in which all Carrefour employees must exercise their professional activity on a daily basis.
Doing our job well means having a sense of responsibility and a professional conscience for being able to decide what the right way to behave is and to act in a way that is in everyone's interest.

Our ethical principles define the frame of reference in which we must do our job as retailers. They play a part in developing a culture based on trust and integrity and on sharing this culture across the company.

These simplified ethical principles help all employees to decide what the best way to behave might be, particularly when having to deal with any delicate situations which they may encounter.

->Read the leaflet about Our Principles of Ethics

Our professional warning system, also called 'whistleblowing', which consists of this web site and an external telephone line, enables Carrefour employees, suppliers or service providers to report any situation or behavior which is contrary to Our Principles of Ethics in a confidential manner.

->Go the Carrefour Ethics line for reporting violations of Our Principles of Ethics


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