Tex Organic Cotton: fair remuneration and traceability from the seed


A range of clothes for babies/children and household linen made of organic cotton produced by small producers: another step towards honouring the commitment to use exclusively sustainable cotton for Carrefour’s Tex brand

With this aim in mind, Carrefour has worked with more than 4500 small organic cotton producers in Madhya Pradesh (a state in central India) on a completely original project that involves producing high-quality organic cotton, paying producers fairly and ensuring that the product can be traced – right from the seed. 

Organic cotton is a plant fibre grown without chemical products from non-GMO seeds, using natural compost as a fertiliser. Producing organic cotton improves the working conditions of the producers and the quality-of-life of people in the villages, as well as preserving the richness of soils and maintaining the region's biodiversity. 

India has the right climate and expertise for producing high-quality organic cotton. The country is one of the oldest and largest producers. In India, producing organic cotton means that the producers do not need to rely on phytosanitary products and GMOs as a means of increasing their income. 

Cultivation and production monitored at each stage: Our cotton is grown in compliance with organic standards, adherence to which is checked by an independent body. Furthermore, small producers use natural traditional methods for growing our organic cotton. The way in which our organic products are produced is in compliance with the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). Carrefour has additional checks carried out by independent companies at each stage of production right up to the finished product. Furthermore, we use the Oeko-Tex label which certifies that the fabric has been tested for more than 100 substances that are harmful to human health – it guarantees the absence of toxic colourings and allergens.

Fair remuneration for small producers: Paying the producers fairly guarantees that quality-of-life in the community and producers' villages improves. The partnership with OCA and Cotton Connect, two independent organisations, guarantees consumers that the premium paid when the product is purchased goes directly to the producers' groups.

Traceability – starting from the organic cotton seed: To guarantee the highest quality and the absence of GMOs, we have worked with our local partner Cotton Connect and Carrefour's teams based in India and have selected and purchased organic cotton seeds, as well as training small producers to develop their own fertilisers and plant care products. Drawing on our experience in creating product lines, all of the various stages between sowing and the finished product are tracked and recorded, ensuring complete traceability from the seed right up to the organic Tex product.  

These organic cotton products are available exclusively in all Carrefour hypermarkets in France and Spain. 



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