Responsible fishing week at Carrefour!


Carrefour is joining forces with the WWF and is taking action to protect the planet's marine resources.

Carrefour, which is committed to Responsible Fishing with the support of the World Wildlife Fund – an NGO with which we have been working since 1998 – wants to raise consumers’ awareness by promoting products that are the result of responsible initiatives.

As proof of our commitment, the very first "Responsible Fishing Week" will run from 20 to 26 France in our hypermarkets throughout France. This annual initiative has been jointly set up by three of our partner organisations – the MSC, the ASC and the WWF. The same initiative will also run from 14 to 19 March in our Carrefour Market stores.

The week will be an opportunity to discover (or rediscover) a wide range of more than 60 Carrefour-brand products in our stores, all bearing responsible fishing (MSC) and responsible aquaculture (ASC) labels in the fish, frozen foods and canned product sections. Customers will also find Carrefour Quality Line seafood products, as well as "BIO" certified products.

– The "ASC" label (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) for responsible aquaculture: this organisation confirms that the environment has not been harmed and that the animal's well-being has been checked, together with working conditions;

– The "MSC" label (Marine Stewardship Council) for responsible fishing: provides evidence of the fishermen's commitment, and certifies that overfishing is prohibited and that no damage is done to the marine environment;

– The BIO livestock rearing label: products derived from the most environmentally friendly livestock farms;

– Carrefour Quality Lines: product lines which have been selected and which can be traced right back to the boat and/or breeding basin.

And in order to go that one step further, by 2020, Carrefour wants all of the cod that it sells to be MSC-certified, and all of the Carrefour Quality Line salmon to be ASC-certified at its seafood product counters. Furthermore, it wants half of all the fish it sells to be derived from responsible supply lines at its seafood and frozen food counters.


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