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Palm oil and Carrefour: objective achieved


More palm oil is produced than any other oil in the world. It is used in numerous everyday products, giving them a number of useful properties. These include biscuits, margarine, pie pastry, shower gels, candles and many more.

Palm oil is mainly produced in South-east Asia and there are a number of major environmental and social issues associated with its production. This is because the development of palm oil plantations means the destruction of tropical forests. And this in turn results in significant greenhouse gas emissions and damage to the planet's biodiversity. Palm oil plantations can also have an impact on local populations and their living conditions, as well as harming their cultures. However, the palm oil industry has created millions of jobs, and provides people with stable incomes.

Preserving the planet's biodiversity is one of the key aspects of Carrefour's CSR strategy: in 2006, it committed to ensuring that only sustainable palm oil was used in its products by lending its support to the RSPO – the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. This roundtable is a platform for more than 1600 palm oil producers, agri-food manufacturers, retailers and NGOs, whose aim is to transform the palm oil market into a sustainable sector. In order to do this, it has developed a production certification system and ensures traceability in the supply chain.

When it is not possible to substitute another oil for palm oil in Carrefour's own brand products because of technological limitations or when doing so has a detrimental effect on a particular product's nutritional or organoleptic properties, Carrefour pledges to use palm oil derived from supply lines supported by the RSPO.

Currently, 100% of the palm oil used in Carrefour's own-brand products throughout the Group is from RSPO*-certified supply lines!

Furthermore, 50 general corporate groceries are from supply lines that comply with sustainability criteria that are even more stringent than those laid down by the RSPO: preservation of peat bogs and natural forests that are rich in carbon, reduction in the use of certain pesticides. To do this, Carrefour works closely alongside its stakeholders – suppliers, NGOs, scientists and refiners – on developing more sustainable solutions and holds meetings with them on an annual basis.

In 2016, Carrefour is continuing with this initiative in order to increase these volumes and is working in France on improving the traceability of the palm oil used in Carrefour products up to the refiner. 


*RSPO: Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil

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