Food quality, a Carrefour priority

Quality accessible to all, proximity, fulfilment of consumer expectations, Carrefour finds inspiration in its own brands.


A multi-channel TV, press and in-store campaign
Carrefour signs a multi-channel campaign and extends the mechanism following the “Bravo” and “Better every day” press spots, which recalled the brand’s historic commitment and announced four new food quality initiatives: the organic farming acceleration programme, the plan to support agro-ecology, the first certification approach based on animal well-being and blockchain technology to ensure the traceability of its animal supply lines.
The mechanism gets under way on television on 10 March with a series of three films: a manifesto, a film focusing on an everyday emblematic product and a last spot on the company’s multi-format and multi-channel dimension.
This campaign will also run in magazine press. This is an opportunity to promote flagship products such as fresh milk from the Normandy Carrefour Quality Line, Auvergne chicken not treated with antibiotics and Carrefour free range eggs laid by non GMO-fed chickens.
Finally, the mechanism will also run in store via relational marketing and on social networks.
Digital activation in question and answer format

In response to increasingly demanding consumer enquiries about food quality, the campaign will be implemented digitally via “Verificators”, a group of children who go to meet the brand’s producer partners on their farms to ask questions on product quality and how they are made: “Why do your chickens never eat GMO? “What are antibiotics?” “Why are tomatoes better when grown in soil?” These factual reports are broken down into short sequences and relayed on social networks.
Carrefour, 25 years’ commitment to food quality
Through this campaign, Carrefour highlights its responsibility and role as a pioneer and driving force alongside producers, retailers and consumers in the development of food quality, and in particular:
1992: launch of Carrefour Quality Lines, 95 lines which today comprise over 20,000 partner producers.
1997: launch of Carrefour Bio, 800 food references to date and 40 organic fruit and vegetable lines developed in association with 170 partners in France

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