Sustainable fishing: Carrefour reaffirms and strengthens its responsible commitment

In response to the concerns voiced by its customers, Carrefour is going a step further, pledging action with regard to:

  • Deep-sea fishing:

Carrefour will gradually discontinue its sales of cutlassfish, grenadier and cusk between now and June 2014. Between 2007 and 2013, Carrefour stopped selling blue ling cod and emperor fish and reduced its sales of cutlassfish, grenadier and cusk by 75%. Carrefour is stepping up its commitment to sustainable fishing by discontinuing all sales of these fish by June 2014, as its commitments to its suppliers expire.

  • Sales of MSC-certified products:

By the end of 2014, Carrefour will double the number of MSC-certified products sold in its stores, from 22 to 50.
Carrefour currently sells 22 products that have been certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). The MSC label, established by the NGO WWF, is bestowed by an outside certification body to fisheries that preserve marine resources and provide guaranteed traceability. Carrefour will offer a total of 50 MSC-certified products to its customers by the end of 2014.

  • Carrefour Quality Commitment farmed salmon:

100% of Carrefour’s fresh salmon now comes from the Carrefour Quality Line.  
This Norwegian supply channel, established in 1995 and now expanded to include Carrefour’s entire selection of fresh salmon, provides for total traceability of Carrefour salmon up to the time it reaches stores. All production sites and operations are being audited by an independent firm. In addition, the products comply with especially stringent specifications.

Carrefour has always strived to ensure that its seafood meets high standards for product quality and safety, notably through its Quality Line. Carrefour has likewise been committed for more than a decade to reducing the impact of its operations at the source and promoting responsible fishing. The company maintains a long-term partnership with WWF France and has embraced the MSC certification initiative. Moreover, in 2007 Carrefour adopted a plan for gradually discontinuing its sales of deep-sea fish.

Download the press release of the 12 10 2013 (pdf 708.08 KB)

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