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Hurricane Irma, the Carrefour Foundation implements an emergency aid plan


In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma – which has devastated the West Indies in particular, the Carrefour Foundation is releasing emergency aid to help those affected. To meet the needs of those in the areas along the hurricane's path, €103,000 has been released so that food and drinking water, as well as hygiene and maintenance products can be sent out to them.

Help from the West Indies and mainland France

Alongside this money from the Foundation, Guadeloupe's franchised stores are working together on providing aid for those who have been hit by the disaster, collecting products and non-perishable foodstuffs to give to the Red Cross and NGO Sauveteurs sans Frontières.

In mainland France, Carrefour stores are working with the Secours populaire français, collecting donations.  When customers pay for their shopping, from now until 23 September, they will be able to donate money to the charity through €2 coupons.

More than a hundred emergency aid plans

Since it was founded in 2000, the Carrefour Foundation has implemented 115 aid plans in 38 countries, and has donated €12 million to come to the aid of disaster victims. When natural disasters – floods, earthquakes, landslides, typhoons, etc. – hit, it can spring into action right at the outset, coordinating emergency aid in the countries in which it operates.

This involves the provision of support in kind, getting employees involved and the provision of financial support. The Foundation draws on Carrefour's logistics expertise and its network of stores in order to get essential products (water, rice, hygiene products, etc.) out to those who need them in the hours immediately following a catastrophe via its warehouses Employees also provide assistance out in the field, volunteering with local stakeholders involved in humanitarian aid initiatives.


Download the press release of the 09 12 2017 (pdf 92.59 KB)

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