Carrefour presents its commitments to promoting sustainable fishing and tackling illegal fishing

The aim being for 50% of all fish to be sourced using Carrefour's responsible fishing approach by 2020


Carrefour is implementing a number of initiatives to help it reach its target of 50% of all seafood products sold at its seafood and frozen food counters being the result of a sustainable supply approach by 2020. These initiatives involve:
•    Giving preference to abundant species, MSC-certified sustainable fishing products and fishing methods that have less of an impact on the environment
•    Suspending the sale of endangered species
•    Developing a responsible approach to aquaculture by selecting fish farms that have adopted good practices and by giving preference to responsible aquaculture ASC-certified products
•    Supporting sustainable local fishing through partnerships with local organisations
•    Showcasing the diversity of seafood products
•    Promoting initiatives to combat illegal fishing

Carrefour has announced three new breakthroughs at the Ocean & Sustainable Fishing conference:

- Carrefour is now working on adapting the "Professionals' guide to tackling illegal fishing" for the French market, alongside the Environment Justice Foundation (EJF), SeaWeb Europe and the WWF. This guide is available to all professionals in the sector so they can better understand the issues associated with illegal fishing and implement the necessary measures for minimising risks at the various stages of the supply chain.

- Carrefour is also breaking new ground by entering into a partnership with SafetyNet, a start-up company which has developed a new selective fishing technique which involves subsea lamp systems attached to the fishing net. This system helps fishermen to comply with the new regulations, ensuring that they only capture the species that they want to capture.

- At the COP22 conference in Marrakesh, Carrefour announced its decision to do away with all single-use checkout bags between now and 2020 in its consolidated stores throughout the world. With support from the Consumer Goods Forum, the retailer is launching an international initiative to reduce – and eventually do away with altogether – the free distribution of single-news checkout bags. And Carrefour wants to break new ground with its suppliers, reducing the pollution of the planet's oceans by other forms of plastic.

As far as Carrefour is concerned, doing our job well means offering our customers high-quality products and a diversified range of food; it means taking action and investing to limit the depletion of our planet's natural resources; and it means ensuring the long-term life of our offering.


Download the release about Tackling illegal fishing (pdf 528.81 KB)

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