Carrefour is committing to transparency about the level of animal welfare enjoyed by all chickens sold under its brands starting in 2020

In 2020, Carrefour will start sharing information about the level of animal welfare and the rearing methods for its chickens sold under the Carrefour, Carrefour BIO, Carrefour Quality Line, Reflets de France and PP brands, and will use blockchain technology to incorporate this information into its products. This animal welfare information will be provided for more than 20 million chickens. The first products to be labelled will be Carrefour Quality Line Auvergne farmhouse chickens, starting on 18 February. Carrefour has helped introduce a new Animal Welfare label with other stakeholders across the Animal Welfare Label Association. This label provides information about both animal welfare and rearing methods.
Significant improvement in rearing conditions
Carrefour is undertaking to work with producers in order to improve the rearing, transport and slaughterhouse conditions for all Carrefour brand chickens. Carrefour brand chickens reared in chicken coops will start to satisfy the requirements for animal welfare “level C” before the end of 2020, and will be guaranteed to have been reared without antibiotics or GMOs. These changes will mean that more than 20 million chickens per year will get to enjoy rearing, transport and slaughterhouse conditions that represent a significant improvement in animal welfare. Carrefour Quality Line, BIO and Reflets de France farmhouse chickens will be labelled as meeting the requirements for “level A”. The labelling is contingent on the hatcheries, livestock buildings and slaughterhouses being audited by an external body every year. These major changes are the first steps towards bringing about the conditions defined in the Better Chicken Commitment, with which we want to be in full compliance before the end of 2026. We would like our European partner countries to trial this animal welfare labelling system.
Supporting committed producers
To help Carrefour chickens meet the requirements for level C, special three-year contract arrangements with producers have been put in place. In 2020, Carrefour will cover the costs of the livestock farm assessment audits in order to produce a progress plan and identify the investments needed. In return for a commitment on the part of producers to step up their initiatives to improve animal welfare, Carrefour will provide them with solutions for funding their investments via its platform Je Participe and its crowd-funding partner MiiMOSA. These investments will either be directly linked to animal welfare (e.g., perches, the introduction of natural light, larger chicken coops, etc.), or to the digitisation of the information for managing and checking animal welfare.
* Raw chickens (whole and cuts), excluding Carrefour Hallal
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