Noël Prioux

Executive Director Latin America (Brazil and Argentina)


Noël Prioux, 59, has a technical qualification in accountancy. He began his career with Carrefour in 1984, holding various operational positions within the West Regional Division for Carrefour France Hypermarkets. In 1996, he was appointed Director of Banking Services for the Carrefour Group in France, then in 1998 he managed international subsidiaries in Paris, before serving as Executive Director for Turkey, Colombia, South Asia and Spain. From 2001 until 2003, he was responsible for Carrefour hypermarkets in France following the merger with Promodès.   Since June 2011, Noël Prioux has been Executive Director of Carrefour France.

Noël Prioux will be Executive Director for Latin America, in charge of Argentina and Brazil as of 2nd  October 2017. He will be directly  in charge of operations for Grupo Carrefour Brasil.



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