Group Executive Committee


The new Group Executive Committee comprises 14 members :

Alexandre Bompard, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Responsible for geographic zones:

Pascal Clouzard: Executive Director France
 Rami Baitieh: Executive Director Spain
 François Melchior de PolignacExecutive Director Northern and Eastern Europe (Belgium, Poland and Romania)
 Gérard LavinayExecutive Director Italy
Noël Prioux: Executive Director Latin America (Brazil and Argentina)

Responsible for group functions:

• Marie Cheval: Executive Director, Financial Services (also Executive Director of Hypermarkets France)
 Alexandre de Palmas: Executive Director Assets (also Executive Director of Nearby Store France)
Guillaume de ColongesExecutive Director Merchandise, Supply and Formats

• Amélie Oudéa-Castéra: Executive Director Customers, Services and Digital Transformation 

Responsible for corporate functions:

 Dominique Benneteau-Wood: Executive Director Communication for the Group and France
Matthieu Malige: Chief Financial Officer
 Jérôme Nanty: Executive Director Human Resources and Assets for the Group and France
Laurent Vallée: General Secretary
 Morgane Weill: Executive Director Strategy and Transformation for the Group and France


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