World Food Day: The Carrefour Foundation is going back to university to help vulnerable students


To mark this year's World Food Day on Monday 16 October, the Carrefour Foundation wants to raise people's awareness of food insecurity among students and encourage them to adopt a healthier, more diversified diet. To do this, it is joining forces with the AGORAé centres – social grocery stores and discussion areas – and enlisting the support of Paris Dauphine University and its Foundation. According to a study  conducted by France's federation of general student unions, 20% students live beneath the poverty line in France and a third of them say they have given up trying to eat a healthy diet. What's even more worrying is that 65% say that they regularly have to skip meals. The reason for this? 72% have financial worries.

Faced with growing poverty among students, the Foundation is staging a number of events and initiatives as opportunities to meet them:
-    a public conference on 13 October at Paris Dauphine University organised jointly with the UP Movement (created by the SOS Group) during which a number of charity and digital innovations designed to help students enjoy better diets will be presented;
-    cooking workshops for students who are beneficiaries of AGORAé centres;
-    a crowdfunding campaign starting on 16 October to support 150 young people!

Support the social grocery stores: provide those who are least well off with choice, without stigmatising them, following the example of the AGORAé centres
Having turned food into a means of tackling exclusion, the Carrefour Foundation has been supporting the AGORAé centres since 2012. Thanks to its efforts, students who have less than €7.50 to live on per day can enjoy a healthy and balanced diet, together with essential products at lower than normal prices (generally 10% to 30% of their usual value). By participating in the project, the Carrefour Foundation is endeavouring to provide students who are beneficiaries of the scheme with freedom of choice, while supporting a place where they can meet and exercise their rights as citizens.

The Foundation's sponsorship has helped open 15 AGORAé centres in France. What's more, the social grocery stores that they operate are supported by neighbouring Carrefour stores. These groceries provide them with fresh produce and products nearing their expiry dates, removed from the shelves so they can be given to the students. As well as this main aim of providing students with access to food, the Carrefour Foundation works alongside the AGORAé centres, raising the students' awareness of the importance of a healthier diet by organising cooking workshops with the Tablée des Chefs. An initial event is being staged on 16 October at the Grands Voisins in Paris, where beneficiary students will be able to attend a full-flavoured charity workshop.

Social Solidarity Economy start-up companies at a conference at the Paris Dauphine University: "Food – charity innovations at university" UP Café
The Carrefour Foundation will also assess charity and digital innovations designed to provide students with a better diet. Social entrepreneurs and start-up companies specialised in tackling these issues will meet at 8:30 AM on 13 October for an “UP Café” event staged by the UP Movement (SOS Group) at Paris Dauphine University. A campus of which Carrefour has been a partner since 2015 via its Foundation's Equal Opportunities programme: annual grants are awarded to 30 students selected on the basis of good results and means-testing.

This "UP Café" event will be an opportunity to showcase initiatives designed to help students suffering from food insecurity. One such initiative is HopHopFood – a mobile app designed to encourage food swaps using geolocation. Foodette provides simple and balanced recipe baskets, designed to free people’s creativity in the kitchen so they can all get back in touch with raw products. And then there's Paupiette which puts older people in contact with students so they can all have lunch together – tackling loneliness among the former and providing the latter with access to balanced meals at affordable prices. Anti-waste association Pain Perdu will be providing special waste-busting breakfasts.

A campaign to get people taking the right action
Aim: Support 150 students running the risk of exclusion with just a few mouse clicks

On 16 October, the Carrefour Foundation will be launching a campaign on designed to enable visitors to the website to offer students who are beneficiaries of AGORAé centres support so they can enjoy a healthier diet – "for free" and in just a few clicks. This will take the form of cooking workshops. The aim is to support 150 students. In 2016, the Carrefour Foundation leveraged the generosity of the Goodeed community for the Baluchon project, funding training for people trying to get onto the job market in food-related professions. is a start-up that was founded in Paris in 2014 by young entrepreneurs in order to make it easier for the general public to make donations to charities. Users visit and then select the type of donation that they wish to make, together with the NGO that they would like to benefit from it. They are then asked to watch a video from the advertising partner which finances the donation to the NGO selected by the user. A participatory, free and innovative means of raising the general public's awareness and mobilising them.

Food aid at Carrefour in numbers
> 102 million meals donated by Carrefour to food aid associations in 2016 in France; (Food Banks, Red Cross, Secours Populaire, Restos du Cœur).
> 300 pieces of equipment funded since 1994 for food aid associations, including 157 refrigerated vehicles and 31 cold rooms and refrigerated cabinets for transporting and storing foodstuffs, to expand the number of stores at which donations are made and thus increase the numbers of meals they can collect
> Nearly €4 million invested in developing socially responsible grocery stores in France since 2000
> 92% of the Carrefour Foundation's annual funding spent on food aid in 2016 – i.e., €7.82 million


Download the release of the 2017 10 10 (pdf 541.93 KB)

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