Women Leaders & Diversity Convention, 29-30 November - let’s move diversity forward!


This year, the third Women Leaders Convention is embracing the topic of diversity so – to mark the occasion – the event will be called “Women Leaders & Diversity”.

 Carrefour has always promoted diversity everywhere: among men and women, among the young and not-so-young, among people with disabilities, among those most isolated from the world of work, among those who have so much to contribute to the company through their careers and histories, and irrespective of any differences, visible or invisible.

There are three key components to Carrefour’s diversity policy:

-    Firstly, commitments against all forms of discrimination and in favour of fair treatment. The aim? To be a responsible employer that adheres to its commitments everywhere and develops high quality social dialogue worldwide. Examples of these commitments include promoting the exchange of best social practice, partnering with international organizations and challenging ourselves to achieve the most demanding labels and certification.

-    These commitments are of course accompanied by actions, both proactive and targeted. These require us to act with determination at different levels of the company to redress imbalances and achieve diversity at all levels: for example through the Women Leaders programme and by providing training for under-qualified young people.

-    Lastly, there are practices such as increasing the extent to which individuality is recognized by management. Why? Because Carrefour knows that diversity is an essential vector for confidence and performance.

The Women Leaders & Diversity Convention is an excellent opportunity to effectively advance the cause of diversity at Carrefour.


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