The major supplier challenge: 3rd edition!


It was during the Cop21, the major international conference on climate change held in France in 2015, that the first Supplier Challenge for Tackling Climate Change was launched. At the time, the initiative aimed to reward Carrefour's suppliers who, through their ingenuity, had found an effective solution for sustainably reducing CO2 emissions and therefore combating climate change. In each country, the teams focused their efforts on encouraging our suppliers to voluntarily meet this challenge. It was a first!

More than 4,000 suppliers responded enthusiastically. The winners represented a wide range of climate-friendly initiatives: In Argentina, an olive oil supplier contributed to the reforestation of a desert area that was suitable for olive-growing. In Spain, a long-line fishing method was used to protect biodiversity, and in China, an entire fleet of electric buses transports our customers to stores, emitting a minimum amount of CO2.

The winners from each country came to Paris, with their local contact person on the teams, for a program specially designed for them which included training, discovery, exchanges and, of course, sharing of best practices.

The success of this event resulted in a second challenge, and the theme chosen in 2016 was tackling food waste. Once again, the winners from each country were able to share an enriching experience regarding this crucial issue, and discuss the highlights of their accomplishments.

On 23 and 24 November, the 3rd edition of the Major Supplier Challenge for well-being and food will take place in Paris. This two-day event will be an opportunity for 30 employees and suppliers to share best practices. All the participants will present their ideas and, to encourage greater participation, work as a group to help Carrefour be better every day and do its job well while protecting the environment.

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