The fully-renovated Mont-Saint-Jean Carrefour hypermarket


•    4000 organic products
•    Fruit and vegetables: almost completely free of any packaging
•    Over 800 local products
•    Food Court where customers can eat on site

Customers visiting the fully-renovated Mont-Saint-Jean Carrefour hypermarket get to enjoy a unique new shopping experience. Not only has it become more practical, smarter and more environmentally friendly… it also features numerous new services and fresh products. In a cozy and modern ambience, customers can now choose from a wide range of organic products, and food enthusiasts can take advantage of many new counters and innovative services, as well as a vast assortment of wines.

Layout with a minimum impact on the environment
Renovation work at the Mont-Saint-Jean hypermarket began in May 2018. With this reopening after 15 weeks of transformation work, Carrefour Belgium is continuing to invest fully in modernising its 45 Carrefour hypermarkets. The hypermarket has been given a whole makeover, with the emphasis placed on using sustainable methods and materials. Customers can now take full advantage of a 9400 m² sales area and a simplified purchase route.

Manned counters and products prepared on site
At the Mont-Saint-Jean Carrefour hypermarket, the emphasis is very much on service – it features a wide range of high-quality products. In the fresh produce section, shoppers feel as though they are in a genuine old-fashioned market.
•    In the bakery section, customers can watch dozens of different types of bread being baked. They'll find stone-baked bread, ten types of organic bread, exclusive premium pastries… all prepared on site.
•    In the fresh meats section, professional butchers cut meat to order in front of customers. For beef enthusiasts, there is a Beef Bar where customers can pick up premium meats and matured meat. This counter features a cooked meats section and a special area for raw ham.
•    In the delicatessen section, customers can choose from a range of tasty ready-to-eat items.
•    The fresh produce section includes a manned fish counter, as well as a sushi stand where a sushi master freshly prepares these Japanese delights. The fresh salmon is smoked on site.
•    The coffee is roasted in the store by a coffee roaster.

The store’s assets
Fruit and vegetables
•    A wide range of fruit and vegetables sold loose, with weighing assisted by store employees
•    Almost completely free of any packaging – like at a market – zero waste
•    Premium seasonal assortment
•    Pre-cut fruit and vegetables
•    Fresh fruit juices and ready-made salads
Local and organic products
•    838 local products from 99 producers
•    Organic range:  900 products, including 65 products without packaging
•    A rare selection of some 600 different beers
•    The expertise of a genuine sommelier, who will recommend the right wine for the right occasion
•    A very wide selection of wines from all over the world
•    An exclusive wine cellar featuring a selection of hand-picked vintages – including 26 organic wines

Food Court
•    A complete range of meal solutions for throughout the day
•    A wide assortment prepared on site: fresh fruit juices, soups, sandwiches, salads, pizzas, wok dishes – there’s something for everyone
•    Adapted to meet local demand
•    Customers can enjoy their meals there as soon as they have purchased them, in a friendly atmosphere

Shop-in-shop concept
Instead of feeling as though they are walking through a hypermarket, customers feel as though they are simply going from one specialist store to another. To this end, products are grouped together in a different way; in other words, in a way that appears more logical for customers. The items are all categorised by theme. Each group of products has its own simple and modern furniture, and only noble materials (wood, brick) have been used for decoration. Furthermore, the multimedia and home departments have been significantly expanded.
Carrefour has reinvented the product assortment, with more brands, greater choice and more exclusive products, etc. There are also products showcased on tables and in display units (clothing, books, home products, smartphones, small household appliances, etc.).

The Mont-Saint-Jean Carrefour hypermarket makes full use of digital technologies to make things easier for its customers. They can enjoy a fully modern shopping experience – without losing any of the store's cosiness – and can now choose from an even wider selection of products. Customers can now therefore:
•    print out Carrefour Bonus Card discount vouchers in the hypermarket, consult and print out personal discount vouchers or view a map of store.
•    place orders on the Carrefour webshop
•    use the interactive screens for ordering books that the store no longer has in stock
•    use free Wi-Fi available throughout the store
Needless to say, everyone can also place their orders online via Carrefour drive and then come and pick up their shopping in the store.

Specialists on hand to welcome customers
The store's 200 employees have a great deal of expertise and professional advice to share, ensuring a pleasant shopping experience. And all that with a smile. The store's modern design and the smart concept underpinning it also make for a more comfortable shopping experience.
Service centre
Customers to the Mont-Saint-Jean Carrefour hypermarket have access to a range of different services to make their lives easier and help them shop.
•    Carrefour drive and Simply You Box pick-up points
•    bpost services
•    UPS pick-up point
•    Bpost Cubee click & collect
•    Carrefour Finance
•    Carrefour Photo: customers can print out their favourite photos directly from their smartphones or memory cards. They can also have them printed on T-shirts and mobile phone cases
•    Carrefour Voyages: customers can consult various travel packages available
•    Carrefour Spectacles: in partnership with the FNAC
•    After-sales service
•    Orange: all Orange services available at the hypermarket stand
•    Mobile phone repair: customers can have their mobile phones repaired directly in the store
•    Carrefour webshop: customers get support in placing their orders on our online store

The customer is the main focus at the Mont-Saint-Jean hypermarket, but Carrefour is also mindful of the environment and seeks to protect our planet.
•    Carrefour has replaced the store's posters by numerous screens
•    New CO2 gas refrigerators have been installed with doors on the refrigeration units, keeping energy wastage to a minimum
•    Only full-power LEDs are used, resulting in a 15% reduction in power consumption.

Store address: chaussée de Charleroi 579 in Waterloo


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