The first permaculture-inspired farm in the Ile-de-France region will supply vegetables to Carrefour Bio stores


Carrefour and Akuo Energy, the largest independent producer of renewable energy in France, have just announced that they are entering into a partnership to launch the first farm in the Ile-de-France region based on permaculture – a farming system that draws inspiration from the planet's natural ecology. As part of this project, Carrefour and the Akuo Energy group are signing an agreement covering the sale of vegetables grown at the farm to Carrefour Bio stores in the Ile-de-France region.

Details of this agreement were announced at the inauguration of the "Energie du Gâtinais” windfarm.

Located in Mondreville and Gironville in the Seine-et-Marne département and Sceaux-du-Gâtinais in the Loiret département, the “Energie du Gâtinais” windfarm is the largest in the Ile-de-France region. It is made up of 12 wind turbines and generates total power of 24 MW. The windfarm generates 60 GWh of electricity – that's equivalent to the total amount of electricity that 22,000 people consume per year.

The windfarm hosts the Gâtinais region’s Akuo farm on its actual premises – 1 ha of it is set aside for organic vegetable farming and livestock rearing.   The Akuo Energy group has pledged to provide three years' worth of financial support for a farmer, as well as helping them to ramp up their business.

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