The Carrefour Group confirms its sustainable fishing commitments


In response to the UFC Que choisir survey carried out in December, the Carrefour Group is keen to provide a reminder/point out that it has been implementing initiatives to promote sustainable fishing and aquaculture for many years – something that this survey seems not to be aware of. This Responsible Fishing Policy is a key feature of its Act for Food programme (Action 5), setting out to help transform the marine resources market.

Indeed, Carrefour set itself the target of ensuring that by 2020, half of all the fish that it sells (both wild and farmed) would be sourced from responsible supply chains. It will meet this aim as early as 2019 with the help of the following initiatives:

1 – Carrefour gives preference to fish species that exist in abundance, species that have been certified as MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) sustainable fishing products:
In particular, all cod sold on Carrefour fish stalls or own-brand deep frozen cod is MSC-certified. Carrefour was France's first retailer to have MSC-ASC-certified sections (all hypermarkets; Market stores are in the process of being certified). Only certified stores are authorised to highlight the fact that their products are MSC-ASC-certified on their stalls.
Since 2015, Carrefour has been asking for advice from four NGOs to draw up a list of various market supply sources, classified by colour according to their sustainability. The marine product procurement teams use this colour list to select the most responsible supply sources, leading to Carrefour no longer selling the most critically endangered species: in 2008 for bluefin tuna, 2012 for sharks and sturgeon, 2015 for the eel and the skate.

2 – Carrefour has stopped selling sensitive species and gives preference to fishing methods that have less of an impact on our ecosystems:
In 2018, Carrefour decided to stop selling wild bass during their spawning period. This will continue into 2019.
Carrefour supports sustainable local fishing through partnerships with local organisations and by showcasing Pavillon de France products
Carrefour stopped selling deep-sea caught fish several years ago: it stopped selling the emperor* in 2007, the blue ling* in 2008, the cusk* and the roundnose grenadier*, the scabbard* and the hake in 2014 and the pink sea bream* in 2015.
(* : deep-sea caught species)

3 – Carrefour has developed a responsible approach to aquaculture by selecting fish farms that have adopted good practices (limiting industrial fishing, prohibiting the use of antibiotics and – where necessary – GMO feeds) and by giving preference to Organic Farming products bearing the ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) responsible aquaculture label or products derived from our Carrefour Quality Lines;
As of September 2018, all the Norwegian Carrefour Quality Line salmon that we sell is ASC-certified.

The Group also regularly consults its stakeholders on biodiversity and sea products in putting together its action plan. A working group made up of four NGOs and two Carrefour suppliers is involved in monitoring the action plan.

Finally, Carrefour's teams are involved in ensuring compliance with regulations for labelling seafood products on a day-to-day basis. Introducing electronic labels in all of our hypermarkets in January 2019 will make it easier to enter traceability information in stores.


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