Sustainable forests forum


Organized by WWF France in collaboration with Carrefour, the Sustainable Forests Forum was attended by a number of key stakeholders involved in forest conservation across the food industry. It served as an opportunity for 250 people representing companies, NGOs and institutions from a number of different countries to put forward solutions for protecting our forests.

Why a sustainable forests forum?

Get society focused on a key challenge – curbing climate change and protecting the planet's biodiversity.

Support the public authorities by putting forward proposals to help develop an ambitious national strategy to combat imported deforestation

Ensure that customers have access to solutions and products that do not damage our forests by 2020 and beyond.

Taking action

Four priority proposals were singled out from the attendees' various contributions to the forum.

1) Take nationwide action to put an end to the deforestation arising from importing soybeans

2) Generate a commitment at national and European level to protect our forests and other notable ecosystems

3) Support a nationwide strategy to tackle imported forestation

4) Get funding to maintain and restore forestry resources and transform the markets which have arisen from them

Download the release (pdf 205.38 KB)

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