Stopping the sale of Carrefour-brand eggs produced by caged hens in Europe

Carrefour stops selling Carrefour-brand eggs produced by caged hens in all of its stores in Europe


Carrefour has just reached a new milestone in animal well-being in becoming the first retailer to commit to ensuring that all Carrefour-brand eggs in Europe will be produced using cage-free systems by 2025. Carrefour will collaborate with farmers and suppliers to reach this target. In France, at the end of 2017, 72% of Carrefour-brand eggs were produced using cage-free systems.

Encouraging a more global market shift
To amplify this market transformation, Carrefour calls national brand suppliers to join this commitment in Europe. Carrefour will work with its suppliers and customers in order to extend this approach to all eggs and achieve a 100% cage-free assortment by 2025.

In December 2017, more than 47% of the eggs sold in our stores in France (Carrefour-brand eggs and national brands mixed together) were coming from cage-free systems.

This new commitment is now including Spain, Taiwan and Romania and completing the targets already defined in France, Italy, Poland and Belgium.

Key figures:
.    1 billion Carrefour brand eggs sold every year in Europe
.   9500 Carrefour stores in Europe


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