Nestlé and Carrefour apply blockchain technology to infant nutrition for the first time


After being the first to apply blockchain technology to a national brand with Moussline® purée, Nestlé and Carrefour, which continue to work together on the IBM Food Trust platform, today announced the first use of blockchain technology for their GUIGOZ® Bio 2 and 3 infant milk range. This major technological advance is expected to boost consumer confidence by providing transparency on product checks and origins and is now available for all GUIGOZ® Bio 2 and 3 packaging across sales channels.

A new three-way partnership to promote transparency for all within the food industry
As well as applying innovative technology to its first blockchain initiative for organic and infant products, Carrefour and Nestlé once again worked closely together, with Carrefour lending its expertise as a pioneer of consumer-centred blockchain technology, and Nestlé, in addition to sharing supply and production data for GUIGOZ® BIO 2 and 3 products, contributed its experience as a founding member of the IBM Food Trust consortium.

This latest success was made possible by IBM Food Trust's technical solution, which is based on Blockchain Hyperledger technology.

This three-way partnership builds on Carrefour’s Act For Food programme. Blockchain technology enhances transparency and advances the food transition for extremely high-quality products, which parents expect for infant nutrition. For Nestlé and Laboratoires Guigoz, this innovative blockchain technology creates a new benchmark for transparency and the high standards of care required to ensure the quality of their products. In line with this position, Laboratoires Guigoz is proud to once again strengthen its close ties with consumers.

Infant milks produced by Laboratoires Guigoz, GUIGOZ® Bio 2 and 3 will be available via all usual distribution channels, including outside Carrefour stores.

The first blockchain technology applied to GUIGOZ® Bio 2 and 3
Providing transparency across the entire supply chain, from dairy to shelf, helps build on the close relationship of trust between consumers and the brand. The blockchain technology applied to GUIGOZ® Bio 2 and 3 products from Laboratoires Guigoz highlights the expertise, know-how and care taken to ensure the quality of infant nutrition products.

In practical terms, all consumers can access all this information by simply scanning the QR code with their smartphone.

Download the press release (pdf 465.31 KB)

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