Luxembourg gets its first Carrefour Express


The first Carrefour Express will open on 29 October near Luxembourg City's railway station.

Carrefour Belgium – which has already been operating in Luxembourg for 15 years with a Carrefour Market in the north of the country in Marnach – is moving into the capital and opening up its first convenience store.

Carrefour Belgium wanted to seize this opportunity to shore up its presence on a growth market in a country that has a number of similarities with the Belgian market – as well as a number of differences that are full of potential.

Its innovative Carrefour Express concept provides an original solution to changes in customers' needs and can easily be adjusted to fit in with the specific features of the local marketplace. For this reason, it was the ideal format for exploring these new opportunities.

The "new-generation” Express
Carrefour Belgium regularly makes changes to its store format concepts in order to keep pace with its customers and their new purchasing habits – or even to precede them. The traditional convenience store format, for example, was completely overhauled at the end of 2012, resulting in "Express 2.0" – a modern take on the neighbourhood grocery store which is still just as friendly.

And this is the concept that Luxembourg residents will soon be able to enjoy when the first Carrefour Express opens in the Grand Duchy.

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