Launch of the communications campaign to support our international programme of concrete initiatives

Within the framework of its transformation plan – that Alexandre Bompard unveiled in January 2018 – to turn Carrefour into the leading company in the food transition for everyone, the retailer is now unveiling its new international communications campaign to support "ACT FOR FOOD", its programme of concrete initiatives to promote high-quality food. It is also unveiling its new signature – “on a tous droit au meilleur”.

At a time when food safety, product origin and relationships with the agricultural sector have all become key issues, this transformation strategy is underpinned by Carrefour's long-term commitment to high-quality food. And for the first time, it has embarked on a series of initiatives at global level in a bid to tackle these new food challenges and meet consumers' expectations.

In a new global campaign developed by Publicis – which will feature on television, in the cinema, on the web and on the social networks, with a poster campaign starting on 9 September 2018 –, Carrefour presents its new "ACT FOR FOOD" website and showcases its commitments and concrete proof that it is honouring them via a series of actions deployed in the ten countries in which it operates.

On a tous droit au meilleur – we are all entitled to the best

Carrefour now has a new signature to express itself.

Carrefour's new aim is expressed in this new brand signature, which is replacing "j'optimisme" in all of the ten countries in which the retailer operates.

The best refers to the best food, as well as the best services, the best prices and the best bargains. The best is not something to which only a privileged few have access and are able to afford: the best must be accessible for everyone, anywhere in the world.

"ACT FOR FOOD" What is it?

Carrefour's global programme of concrete initiatives designed to ensure food quality.

With "ACT FOR FOOD", Carrefour is adopting a programme structured around what it is doing to take its employees and consumers with it on the food transition and improve food quality for everyone, throughout the world.

"ACT FOR FOOD" is an evidence-based programme – more than simple words and endless speeches about "eating better". Rather than simply making speeches without follow-up, Carrefour is pledging to take action.

Taking part in the core programme with the "ACT FOR FOOD" website

For Carrefour, it was vital that we got consumers involved in the programme. Because the food transition will be impossible without them!

With the "ACT FOR FOOD" platform accessible from the website,

consumers will be able to find out about Carrefour's various actions and vote to decide which future ones will be implemented as a priority.

The "ACT FOR FOOD" launch campaign

To launch “ACT FOR FOOD”, Carrefour (supported by Publicis) is rolling out a global campaign in all ten of the Group’s integrated countries: France, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Poland, Romania, Brazil, Argentina, Taiwan and China.

In line with the Carrefour brand's new approach, the campaign will reveal a brand that is closer to consumers, one which is more empathetic and which enters into a dialogue based on truth with them, far removed from the kind of lofty reality-embellishing advertising rhetoric.

In a manifesto film – as well as in several other films detailing the initiatives that make up the "ACT FOR FOOD" programme on television, at the cinema, on the web and on social networks – Carrefour stands with the people with humour and humility, and agrees to be challenged by consumers. The manifesto film is 90-seconds long and will be shown in the evening of Sunday 9 September on TF1, France 2 and M6.

On the social networks, employees from various stores reply directly to consumers' tweets about problems to do with food and the retail sector.

In the print campaign, visuals show how people actually enjoy Carrefour's products, photographed by real consumers in their kitchens.


The campaign is being rolled out across the whole customer path, including as part of street marketing events, on and on the brand's mobile app, as well as on CRM systems. In stores, customers will see evidence of the brand's commitments in every purchase they make: to explain – in an educational way – how much progress Carrefour has made in terms of quality and the benefits that this means for consumers, in-store information will be available on a long-term basis right next to the products in all of the retailer's stores.

On television, Carrefour will run an original seven-week campaign, live on TF1: every Monday starting on 17 September, two live broadcasts will showcase one particular producer who will answer questions that people have tweeted in. A presenter will meet these Carrefour partners who are producers of organic products.



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