Food transition: Carrefour is taking action to promote seasonal organic fruit and vegetables


As part of the food transition, Carrefour is making changes to its fruit and vegetable selections in Carrefour Bio stores, and is henceforth only selling seasonal produce. This major new initiative, that first underwent three months of testing, is evidence of Carrefour's desire to bring its consumers higher-quality, tasty products.

The creation of a range of France-grown organic, seasonal produce
In September 2018, Carrefour, whose aim is to become the world leader in the food transition, launched the Act for Food programme, setting forth its commitments to food quality. Today, Carrefour is unveiling Act 12 of this programme, under which the retailer undertakes to broaden its selections of France-grown seasonal fruit and vegetables. As well as rolling it out across all Carrefour Bio stores, the initiative will also be applied in four hypermarkets and four supermarkets .

This initiative is in line with customers’ desire to consume France-grown organic seasonal products, with preference given to local producers and natural production cycles.

Raising consumers' awareness of product seasonality
The phasing out of organic fruit and vegetables which do not meet criteria to do with their origin and season will be gradual. The initiative will be accompanied by an in-store educational poster campaign to raise consumers' awareness. For example, since tomatoes are not currently produced in France, there will be no more organic tomatoes on store shelves.

Our aim of becoming the world leader in the food transition means that we have to make courageous decisions to encourage practices that are more environmentally friendly and which guarantee high-quality products. We will be deploying an educational campaign targeting our customers as we withdraw certain fruit and vegetables that we used to sell all year round from our shelves. This will put them in charge of what they eat”, says Benoit Soury, Carrefour’s Organic Market Director.

Supporting farmers as they make the food and agriculture transition
For a year now, Carrefour has been helping 230 produces to make the switch; for example, it has entered into a partnership with Corsican producers Agrucorse and Corsica Comptoir so they can convert 80 tonnes of Pomelo grapefruit and 50 tonnes of clementines, the aim being to sell 400 tonnes of organic Pomelo grapefruit and clementines by 2021


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