2019 Paris International Agricultural Show

Crowd-funding: Carrefour launches a call for projects to get producers and consumers involved in the food transition


At this year's Paris International Agricultural Show, Carrefour announced the launch of a call for projects as part of its partnership with the MiiMOSA crowdfunding platform (https://www.miimosa.com/fr?l=fr), enabling farmers and other stakeholders in the agri-foods sector to finance their projects for the agricultural and food transition.

A unique crowd-funding offer
In January, Carrefour announced that it was taking part in the MiiMOSA transition initiative, working alongside other stakeholders in the agri-foods sector to finance projects for the agricultural and food transition. Today, the retailer is going a step further: it is calling upon farmers and entrepreneurs involved in the food transition to submit their projects and is getting members of the general public to help fund them. Carrefour is positioned at the intersection between civil society and agriculture, and wants to strengthen ties between producers and consumers, so they can work together on designing the food of the future.
Carrefour wants to use its local coverage to make it easier for the two groups to interact with one another across the whole country, and speed up the development of concrete solutions to help people eat better.
This scheme supplements Carrefour's practice of contractually setting volumes and prices over long periods of time, introduced as a means of helping producers switch over to organic and agroecological farming methods.

The call for projects: how it works
Farmers and producer-entrepreneurs are invited to submit proposals via https://carrefour.miimosa.com/ and launch their crowd-funding campaigns before 30 June 2019 in order to present solutions designed to help people eat better, such as reducing the use of pesticides, preserving the planet's biodiversity, committing to animal welfare, etc. MiiMOSA will look at all the applications submitted and will provide applicants with suggestions for the most appropriate funding solutions for their projects. Consumers will get to examine all the short-listed projects and will then be able to choose to support them by making a conditional donation or giving them an interest-bearing loan. Carrefour will raise the profiles of farmers and food entrepreneurs among its consumers via its websites and social networks and in its shopping centres. The retailer will also help fund them through investment or by making an additional donation.


Download the release of the 2019 03 01 (pdf 276.8 KB)

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