Carrefour’s economical, practical and humanitarian start to the new school year

For Carrefour, the start of the 2013 new school year is all about saving money: the "Lowest Price" Guarantee has been extended to 200 major-brand school supplies in its hypermarkets. The retailer is also offering more services, with 500 school supply products available on its website that can be ordered in just a few clicks.
The new school year is also all about solidarity – a school supply donation scheme has been set up in partnership with the Restos du Cœur.

200 major-brand school supply products with the retailer's "Lowest Price" Guarantee
For September 2013, Carrefour is extending its "Lowest Price" Guarantee to 200 national-brand school supply products in 220 of its hypermarkets. Exercise books, pens, calculators, diaries, dictionaries and much more are now included in this scheme, meaning that the whole family can be kitted out at unbeatable prices – whether they be at nursery school, primary school or secondary school.

This low-price commitment covers 200 of the school supply products that are most frequently purchased at the start of the year. It includes Bic pens, Stabilo highlighters and UHU glue, as well as the essential “Bescherelle” book of verb tables, the Hachette dictionary and the Casio calculator.

With its "Lowest Price" Guarantee on 500 food products and 200 back-to-school products, Carrefour is really helping its customers to save money and promises to refund them twice the difference if they find the same products on sale at a lower price anywhere within a 15 km radius of their store.

This new scheme is being supported by a comparative advertising campaign on TV and in the press, proving that Carrefour is the cheapest retailer for a range of essential back-to-school products, such as:
- 10 BIC “cristal” pens at €2.141, i.e., 31% cheaper than at Leclerc and 38% cheaper than at Intermarché;
- The 96-page Oxford exercise book (24x32 cm, 90g/m²) is on sale for €1.922 at Carrefour, i.e., 31% cheaper than at Auchan and 33% cheaper than at Leclerc;
- The Casio FX92 2D+ calculator is on sale for €13.88 3 at Carrefour, i.e., 23% cheaper than at Auchan and 25% cheaper than at Leclerc.

The Tex range is also getting ready for the new school year with a range of affordable clothes for children of all ages. For example, a child's down jacket for ages 2/3 up to 13/14 is on sale at €7.90 in Carrefour stores, as is a complete jeans and long-sleeved T-shirt outfit.

New service for parents in a hurry: 500 school supply products that can be ordered online and then picked up at the nearest Drive
So that parents can help their children get ready for the new school year quickly and easily… and without spending too much money, they can choose from a range of 500 school supply products on the website. So in just a few clicks, you can shop for your back-to-school supplies and then select the Carrefour Drive from which you want to pick your shopping up. This selection of products which includes all the essential school supplies that your children will need will be available from August onwards at the retailer's 280 drives (Carrefour and Carrefour market).

Major donation scheme for a more humanitarian back-to-school, in partnership with the Restos du Cœur
After July’s “Reprise de Cartable” operation – a scheme whereby old satchels could be traded in that resulted in 120,000 satchels being handed out to the poorest families by the Relais cooperative – Carrefour is carrying on with its commitment, ensuring that this September has a more humanitarian angle to it.

On August 31, the retailer is organising a national scheme to collect school supplies for the Restos du Cœur association. Customers will be able to deposit new school supplies at the entrance to their store. The association will then distribute them among poorer families. Last year, through this initiative, Carrefour collected nearly 77 tonnes of school materials.

Back-to-school with Carrefour in a few figures (2012 data)

  • An average of 1700 products on sale in hypermarkets
  • 2 million satchels and pencil cases sold
  • 2 million sticks of glue sold: laid end-to-end, they would stretch from Paris to Tours!
  • 9 million school exercise books sold (all sizes together)
  • 15 million writing implements sold (pens – colour and graphite pencils – felt tips)


The press release of the 2013 08 19 (pdf 513.34 KB)

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