# CarrefourChallengesSuppliers and rewards them in food innovation for the 3rd consecutive year


The third Romanian edition of Carrefour's "Challenge of Suppliers" competition, organized by Carrefour in all 10 countries in which it operates, ended yesterday, October 2, in Bucharest, with the premiere of the three winners: 1st place - Toneli Holding, 2nd place - Nutricia Early Life Nutrition and 3rd place - Apilife Ro.

The aim of the competition is to encourage and reward innovation in the food sector, so that we offer our customers high-quality products and the choice of products that support a healthy lifestyle. The winner of the first place will have the opportunity to represent Romania at the Carrefour Group in Paris, where he will interact with the winners of the other countries.

In the competition, 27 products were registered by 22 suppliers, and the jury was made up by 3 Carrefour members and 4 public figures who support innovation and are pioneers of the segment in which they operate: Mirela Retegan - founder Gaşca Zurli, Cristina Bazavan - journalist and blogger, Cristian Birta - digital specialist and blogger, and Lăcrămioara Botezatu - CSR Media. They scored each project with notes from 1 to 5, and the winners are:
• 1st place: Toneli Holding - Oul Free Range: is a superaliment, for which Toneli has invested in the re-technologization of two hen-breeding halls so that the birds live in a controlled environment where, while living freely, they are supervised from the food point of view.
• Second place: Nutricia Early Life Nutrition - Milupa: The award-winning product is a practical solution to incorporate into a baby's diet a fermented milk formula that has a role in preventing digestive disorders.
• Third place: Apilife Ro - Apipraline: the product is the ideal blend of apiculture products with the taste of cocoa fruit and was developed in Sibiu by Dr. Cornelia Dostetan Abalaru's team.


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