Carrefour wins ADCI awards 2017 for its irreverent #LaMarchetta ads

Carrefour Italia’s #LaMarchetta campaign by H48 won the “Best Use of YouTube” award at the IF! Italians Festival where the prestigious ADCI Awards were presented.

The #LaMarchetta campaign was an innovative combination of brand communication and entertainment. Created by Carrefour Italia and H48, it won the “Best Use of YouTube” prize, two silver medals for “Branded Content, Content Social Content & Editorial” and “Branded Content, Video Fiction and Non-fiction”, and two bronze medals in the “Viral” and “Branded Content - Editorial Projects Owned Media or Native Adv” categories.


Carrefour Italia’s fondness for self-deprecating humour was already evident in earlier campaigns, and this time it worked with H48 and The Jackal to create #LaMarchetta, a 7-episode web series which sends up product placement in blockbuster movies.

The #LaMarchetta campaign achieved impressive results: over 21 million contacts, 10 million views and over 1.6 comments.


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