Carrefour supports the New Plastics Economy


Carrefour is joining the “New Plastics Economy” launched by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation by signing the global commitment for the establishment of a system in which plastics never become waste.

Creating a circular economy for plastics by exploiting the material’s benefits while combating its drawbacks. This is one of the bases of the “New Plastics Economy” first defined by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in 2016. This initiative has prompted nearly 300 top-tier businesses, philanthropic organisations, cities, and governments to sign on. Carrefour has embarked on an ambitious programme of reducing and recycling packaging, as one of the signatories to the Global Commitment of the New Plastics Economy. The process is part of a proactive, collaborative process of perpetually improving current and future practices.

The signatories will be officially announced at the “Our Ocean” international conference to be held in Bali, Indonesia on 29-30 October. For this recognition from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Carrefour has promoted its goal of 100% recyclable packaging for its own-brand products by 2025 and its ambition to offer alternative practices such as consumers’ right to bring their own containers to the stores. Another strong argument: Carrefour will no longer be selling plastic straws by year’s end. By opting in to the New Plastics Economy, Carrefour will also be publishing the figures on its plastic production and use - a key data point for measuring the footprint of its activities on the environment.


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