Carrefour partner of the first 100 % autonomous market in Latin America


Opened in São Paulo in partnership with Carrefour, the store offers a shopping experience without the need for lines and checkouts.

Zaitt, the first 100% autonomous market in Latin America, has opened in São Paulo. In this unit, the company will have expertise and logistical and supply support from Carrefour, responsible for part of the product range that will be offered to customers in the São Paulo store.

Customers at the center of the shopping experience

The "magic" for consumers happens through Zaitt's payment app, which provides an experience without the need for lines and checkouts. Customers make their way around the market, adding products to a virtual cart and making purchases - all via the app. At Zaitt, industry and retail suppliers are responsible for replenishing stocks. They are advised periodically about the sales flow and when they should make more products available.
The São Paulo unit is the second in operation - after the first in Espírito Santo - and involves Carrefour as a strategic partner. "We are testing new concepts, innovations and technologies to improve the shopping experience and reach new customers. As we do globally, we will strengthen partnerships with companies and start ups that offer us new technologies and competencies to accelerate our digital transformation and generate scale for truly innovative services and solutions," said Paula Cardoso, CEO of Carrefour eBusiness Brazil.

Facial recognition and QR code

To provide a shopping experience with the least possible friction for consumers, Zaitt has 24-hour help from a lot of technology. Cameras with sensors monitor each action and recognize who is in the market in real time.  At Zaitt, the customer is at the center of the conversation, beginning with opening and closing of the conversation themselves in two ways after downloading the app and registering: by facial recognition app, or QR Code point, both available next to the entrance.

In São Paulo the customer has a new experience called Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). It is an automatic product identification system using radio signals. It does not require product-by-product scanning - eliminating any friction in the purchasing process - all the products identified in the final step before leaving the market.
With the products in hand, to exit the market the customer chooses, as at the entrance, between facial recognition and reading the QR Code to open the first door. When that door closes, the customer sits stands between two glass doors, at which point radiofrequency comes into action and identifies all the items present. With the reading completed, the total purchase is confirmed on a screen in front of you and that's it - the second door is opened and the total amount is automatically debited from the credit card registered.


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