Carrefour Le Marche: the new concept store in China

Carrefour Le Marche


Carrefour opened a brand new format in Shanghai, named Carrefour Le Marche. This new concept is a smart life store with French touch, focusing on catering, fresh, imported products, with many digital innovations applied with the support of Tencent. This is also the flagship store of we-chat payment smart retail store of Tencent.

People need a life center, where they can spend time in a comfortable place for life, with nice food restaurant, coffee and tea, ice cream, etc. available. In this life center, there is a nice store for daily and weekly necessity, with easy access and enjoyable shopping experience. 

What can you find in the store?

In this store, people will find new products with one entrance to cosmetics, with innovation poles. Lots of references are ready for your easy selection. New and fashion products can be found everywhere in the store. Here, you can find both well-received niche brands and “new products” of many common brands

Imported products ratio reaches 20% in the store. At Le Marche, food accounts for more than 80% of the total products, while imported food accounts for nearly 20%. An area for imported foods is provided in the store, and goods are clearly divided by countries and regions, from France, Italy, and many other European countries to Asian countries like Japan and Korea. In addition, Le Marche's exquisite fashion is also demonstrated in the areas for personal care and beauty products, where you can find a wider spectrum of imported products to choose, and popular imported commodities of Japanese and South Korean brands can even occupy an entire row of shelves. It is notable that the full category coverage of imported goods is attributed to the mature experience in Carrefour's global procurement logistics chain. Such goods are usually well-received among young consumers and help make the image of Carrefour increasingly younger.

The private label products are another priority which not only enrich the product selection but also guarantee the quality with competitive price. Currently, Carrefour China's private label products are mainly concentrated in the food sector. At Le Marche, such goods range from beverages and alcoholic drinks to chocolate biscuits and canned jams and are more competitive in terms of prices as compared to other imported foods. 

With another entrance in B2, you can easily get into the food world that we perfectly made for you, restaurant, eating on site or take away.  Here you can choose to have the seafood cooked that you purchased in the store and can enjoy it on the spot in our nice dinning space, or visit the on-site cooking area where Japanese, Hong Kong cuisines, barbecue, private home cuisines are cooked on demand. If you prefer more taste, you just simply step out of the entrance and into Carrefour Le Marche Food Avenue. It is another beautiful landscape that brings together a variety of cuisines from all over the world. Instead of being entirely separated from hypermarket as in the case of conventional layout in the past, the food avenue is completely connected with the interior of the Carrefour store and constitutes together a large open space. 

In addition to "new and fashion" facets, we pay more attention to health in the selection and recommendation of food products. A variety of low-energy, natural juices and sodas are added to the beverage area. At the same time, more organic foods such as fresh organic free-range eggs and organic vegetables have been introduced. Carrefour quality line products guarantee the food safety, tasty and nutrition of the fruit and vegetables we carefully selected for customers.

Why we call it “smart store”?

Thanks to the support of Tencent, Carrefour adopts a lot of new digital innovations to present the smart retail for our customers. In addition to cashiers on both floors, Carrefour Le Marche has added nine self-checkouts on both floors. The one-on-one instruction by staff on-site ensures an efficient check-out option through spatial diversion of consumer flow. A large number of consumers opt for self-checkout, and this contributes to an upgraded shopping experience for customers. 

Meanwhile, face recognition payment, scan and go will also be adopted. You can try face recognition for check-out. Once registered through we-chat payment with your face ID, when you purchase and pay in this store, you don’t have to take out your wallet or mobile, but just smile to the camera then payment accomplish. 

What is scan and go? It’s quite simple. For any item in the store, you can scan directly the code in the item or the price label with Carrefour mini program in we-chat, add it to the E-trolley, choose pay online and you can just go out of the cashier line. 

Carrefour Le Marche Store adopts an electronic label system, with prices centrally set by the system, avoiding the misleading price information caused by unclear, torn, and misplaced labels. 

If you are really busy and don’t have much time for shopping, don’t worry, we provide a series of solutions. You can place an order in Carrefour Online Store, or you can shop via an O2O platform to accommodate immediate needs, with goods purchased delivered within one hour. You can also choose free home delivery service within three kilometers for any purchases in the store over RMB 188.


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