Carrefour launches two virtual stores

Carrefour is about to give its customers a unique and surprising experience, introducing them to a new way to shop.

For the very first time in France, the retailer is setting up two virtual stores - one at the Part-Dieu station in Lyon that will be open from 28 September to 18 October, and another at the Gare du Nord station in Paris that will be open from 10 to 31 October.

Carrefour is offering people using the Gare du Nord station in Paris and the Part Dieu station in Lyon a new and fun way to shop using their mobile phone. They will be able to purchase more than 300 everyday products (food, hygiene and maintenance products) during a "flash" sale using Carrefour’s My Shopping application (available for iPhone and on Android).

The scheme is evidence of the retailer's desire to support its customers on a day-to-day basis with innovative solutions.

Carrefour is coming out to meet customers so they can do their shopping on the move.
The virtual stores are a couple of four-sided cubes on which the 300 products (national brands and Carrefour own-brand products) are displayed - as they would be on the shelves of a supermarket. The products available include dairy products, products for breakfast, hygiene products and frozen foods.

Each one is identified by a barcode.

Over the 3 week period, people visiting the stations will be able to shop at these cubes, choosing from a selection of 300 everyday food and hygiene products. They'll also get €10 off for every €60 they spend by entering a special offer code before paying for their purchases. Customers can then choose home delivery or they can go and pick up their shopping from one of Carrefour’s drives that are throughout France.

1. Download Carrefour’s mobile My Shopping application, available for iPhone and on Android.
2. Customers can then choose home delivery via Carrefour Ooshop, or they can opt to go and pick up their shopping from any one of Carrefour’s drives throughout France.
3. Customers then select products by using their mobile phone to scan in the barcodes from the wall of images. Payment is exclusively by credit or debit card using their phone.

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