Carrefour launches a "Quality Line" to showcase the Made in Italy excellence


Carrefour Italia announced the launch of “Quality Line”, a new brand featuring the products of 4700 Carrefour suppliers operating according to the principles of sustainability.

The products in Carrefour Italia’s Quality Line are made to the highest standards by producers who operate to the principles of ecologically-sustainable farming. The protection of animals on the endangered species list, correct, anti-biotic-free nutrition, attention to animal welfare, protection of biodiversity and the quality of the working environment - these are some of the values Carrefour Italia shares with the local producers it’s devised the new brand for: as a guarantee of excellence for all our customers.

“Quality Line” also functions as an enabling platform for companies that are small but dedicated to excellence. Thanks to Carrefour, they have access to markets in geographic regions far from their own.

“Quality Line” was launched today as part of the 2017 edition of the Carrefour show, a unique event in Italy which brings together over 150 suppliers from all over Italy and over 1000 representatives of Carrefour Italia’s sales network.

The opening day of the Carrefour 2017 show also saw the signing of two major protocols which mark the commitment of Carrefour Italia to providing its customers with products that are excellent from every perspective.

Carrefour Italia and Inalca, Italy’s leading producer of beef, signed a protocol for the promotion of the values embodied by Carrefour’s Quality Line: the protection of Italian-grown livestock, good practices in production and breeding, animal welfare, respect for the environment and biodiversity, and the importance of good working conditions and consumer safety. The protocol will eventually lead to an agreement for the supply of beef partly produced on the farms of Bonifiche Ferraresi, Italy’s biggest agricultural producer in terms of land area and a unique model for sustainable cattle farming.

Carrefour Italia and CREA-API, an official research facility specializing in apiculture and silkworm farming, signed a protocol for the creation of a procedure governing the production of the citrus fruits currently sold under the Viversano Carrefour brand. This initiative is hoped to reduce the environmental impact of every stage in the production chain, with quality requirements addressing not only the end product but also the production process. MaDi Fruit of Catania, a leading fruit producer specializing in 100% Italian-grown citrus, was one of the first Carrefour suppliers to adopt the benchmark.


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