Carrefour launches a participatory consultation initiative to tackle plastics on its “mission-zero-plastique” website


Between now and the end of 2019, the Carrefour Group will be replacing its traditional range of baby foods with a complete range of organic products, to be sold under the brand-new My Carrefour Baby Bio brand. And starting in 2020, the range will also include certified organic baby hygiene products.

Even among its youngest customers, Carrefour is committed to promoting the food transition, and has created a complete organically certified range of baby food products. The traditional range of Carrefour Baby products is thus moving over to the My Carrefour Baby Bio brand, and will be made up of a varied selection of organic recipes that everyone can afford. Starting in 2020, the My Carrefour Baby Bio range will also include certified organic baby hygiene products. As far as Carrefour Baby is concerned, its European Ecolabel certified disposable nappies will be expanded into a complete range.

Meals made in France
Through this initiative, the Carrefour Group is making a major commitment in the field of baby food, replacing its traditional selection with a complete range of organic products, sold under the brand-new My Carrefour Baby Bio brand.

Carrefour wants even its youngest customers to be able to eat organic, and so My Carrefour Baby Bio has a varied selection of tasty, sweet and savoury recipes that everyone can afford, completely covering babies' nutritional requirements between 4 and 24 months. The products in this baby food range include France-made steam-cooked savoury meals and meat from France, as well as a selection of sweet dairy products, also from France.

A range with no artificial flavourings
Carrefour is going one step further to improve the quality of its baby food products by choosing recipes with no artificial flavourings, as well as doing away with additives such as modified starches. The Group is committing to more than just baby food and is introducing a selection of environmentally-friendly baby hygiene products.

Carrefour will be stepping up this commitment in 2020 with the arrival of a wide selection of Ecocert-certified fully organic "My Carrefour Baby Bio" baby hygiene products. This range will feature essential products, such as cleansing gel, cleansing water and liniment. Carrefour Baby will also be expanding its range of European Ecolabel-certified disposable nappies, that are kind to both the environment and all babies' skin.  




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