Carrefour is tackling food wastage all over the world


World Food Day on 16 October is also an opportunity to showcase the various initiatives that Carrefour is spearheading throughout the world to tackle food wastage.

In France, Carrefour has joined forces with Too Good To Go
Carrefour is taking action to extend the use-by dates on its products. Since 2014, it has altered or scrapped the use-by dates on more than 500 of its own-brand products. Carrefour wants to go one step further and is joining forces with start-up "Too Good to Go" to encourage brands and distributors to revise the semantics used for minimum durability dates on product packaging. The retailer is appealing to consumers to sign and share the #changetadate petition hosted on the website.

Ultimately, Carrefour is campaigning to have European legislation revised and to have the "A consommer de préférence avant...” wording for Minimum Durability Dates replaced by something simpler, along the lines of "Best before…".


In Spain, recipes and a major competition
Carrefour Spain has entered into an agreement with the Autonomous University of Madrid, the Ministry of Agriculture and three of its suppliers (Barilla, Danone and Leche Pascual) to take action to tackle wastage. 
One of Barilla’s chefs, for example, has come up with recipes involving fresh products that he is demonstrating, as well as in stores to Carrefour employees and customers. Carrefour Spain is also staging an annual competition that rewards the best ideas for tackling wastage. The last award-winning idea involved packaging fruits of varying levels of ripeness together…


In Romania, a cooking laboratory
Carrefour Romania works all year round with the Bio&Co farm, which uses organic waste as compost to fertilise the 80 varieties of fruit and vegetables that it grows. World Food Day is also an opportunity for Carrefour's national antenna to stage a "cooking laboratory" for students enrolled at the University of Tărtășești. The idea is to raise their awareness of the various options they have for cooking visually defective products, or products that are close to their use-by dates, but which still have all their taste properties.


In China, cooking lessons to tackle wastage
On 16 October, Carrefour China invited around a hundred students to its stores in Shanghai, Dalian and Wuhan to talk to them about tackling wastage. In particular, the students will have learned how to use fruit and vegetables that are less than perfect from an aesthetic perspective but still intrinsically good to make delicious salads and mouth-watering desserts. The cooking lessons will be broadcast throughout the country via its Weibo and Wechat social networks.


In Belgium, a donations market
Carrefour Belgium's consolidated stores do not throw away their stock, but manage it instead. They then mark it down, and eventually give away unsold stock to food banks via the Walloon “Bourse aux Dons” platform, set up to effectively manage donations. More than 30 Carrefour Market and Carrefour Express stores have joined forces with the "Too Good to Go" app which sells baskets of unsold food at knock-down prices and campaigns for better information about minimum durability dates on products.

In Brazil, systematic discounts
Carrefour Brazil has called them "unique" products (Unicos). These are products that are decalibrated or outside aesthetic standards and are offered every day with discounts of up to 30% in 19 hypermarkets. The objective is to expand the offer to 45 stores before the end of the year. Other goods offered at promotional prices to combat food waste, fresh products close to the use-by date are sold at half price. All stands are concerned, butcher's shop, bakery, fish shop and delicatessen.

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