Carrefour is breaking new ground with the first sustainable zero-residue pear


First zero-residue pear in Belgium
In a few days, producers from the “New Green” cooperative and “BelOrta”, the Borgloon auction, are going to start harvesting the first zero-residue pears, grown specifically at Carrefour's request.

Essentially, what this means is that these pears have absolutely no residue and so can be considered natural, pure and healthy fruit. It is the result of numerous endeavours undertaken by the producers – which, among other things, have involved using insects and other biological means as alternatives to pesticides.

100% Belgian
To develop this pear, Carrefour and its partners deliberately chose that most popular of Belgian pears – the Conference pear.
Needless to say, all of Carrefour's zero-residue pears about to be harvested have been completely grown in Belgium. To do this, Carrefour's partners planted a staggering 50 ha of pear trees, mainly in the Borgloon region, as well as in western Flanders, Flemish Brabant and Wallonia.

As well as having absolutely no residue and being Belgium-grown, Carrefour also believes it is important for the whole production cycle of these pears to be sustainable. The fruit growers use useful organisms instead of chemical products and crop wastage – which is inherent to fruit growing – has been kept a minimum because Carrefour has committed to accepting the harvest in its entirety. Depending on the quality of the fruit, Carrefour will sell the pears in bulk or pre-packaged. The smallest fruits and those that are less aesthetic – the ones usually left behind by customers – will be pressed and turned into delicious and healthy fruit juices that can also be purchased from Carrefour.

This way, the producers are guaranteed that even the less fine-looking specimens that they grow will also be taken away.

One of Conference pears’ additional sustainable characteristics is that they can be stored for longer. This means that Carrefour can have them on sale in its stores from 28 August until the end of January! And customers can also keep them for longer at home.

Two low-residue apples are on their way
Together with the zero-residue pear, Carrefour is also working with New Green and BelOrta on producing two apple varieties which, although currently low-residue, will be zero-residue within three years. Producers have planted no less than 40 ha of apple trees for Carrefour in order to grow them.

Currently, both varieties of apple – which will be harvested in a month’s time – already meet the strictest requirements. Analyses have already shown that their residue content is half as high as current European standards.


Carrefour Quality Line
Carrefour's customers will be able to distinguish the zero-residue pears and the two low-residue apple varieties from among the retailer's vast product assortment thanks to their labels and the Carrefour Quality Line.

Customers with products in their shopping trolley bearing the Carrefour Quality Line logo can be sure that the items in question meet three fundamental requirements:
 (1) they respect customers by being of faultless quality and being in compliance with extremely strict specifications, (2) they respect the product through the implementation of sustainable partnerships and fair prices and (3) they respect animals and environment by adhering to strict standards.

Through this initiative, Carrefour can therefore be sure that it is providing its customers with apples and pears which meet their expectations in terms of health, taste, colour and origins. And at the same time, by teaming up with local farmers, it is showcasing their expertise.

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