Carrefour continues rolling out blockchain technology with the Carrefour Quality Line tomato


Following Carrefour's first application of blockchain technology with its FCQ Auvergne chicken in March, it is now using it with a new product line: Carrefour Quality Line cored oblong tomatoes. An innovation designed to ensure the transparency and traceability which will help Carrefour become the leader of the food transition for everyone.

The Carrefour Quality Line tomato, in partnership with Les Paysans de Rougeline
Since 2015, Carrefour has been working alongside the Rougeline cooperative, supporting local, innovative and sustainable agriculture.
This three-year long partnership meets a set of specifications based on agricultural practices that are less harmful to the environment (no herbicides are used), enabling nine Marmande and Roussillon-based producers to sell a fleshy and juicy variety of tomato grown in the ground:  Cauralina cored oblong tomatoes.

An innovative technology which benefits both consumers and producers
Blockchain technology is already in use with Carrefour Quality Line Auvergne chickens, providing consumers with guaranteed complete traceability, from when the chickens are reared right up until they are placed on the supermarket shelves. How it works is simple: the product's label features a QR Code which consumers scan using their smartphones. This provides them with information about the tomato, such as where it was grown, the name of the producer, the farming methods used or the date it was planted.
Producers can use the technology to showcase their local expertise and their commitment to a better form of agriculture.

Carrefour Quality Line cored oblong tomatoes
> Grown in the ground
> No herbicides used
> Hand-picked
> 250 tonnes in hypermarkets in 2018

A secure digital database that cannot be falsified in which all information sent by its users is stored: producers, transformers and distributors.


Download the computer graphics of the tomato blockchain (pdf 389.51 KB)

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