Carrefour complies with M’Illumino di Meno [I will turn on fewer lights]


Carrefour Italy complies with “M’Illumino di Meno” by involving its entire sales network and more than 20,000 employees

On february 24th, 1,065 stores throughout the country turned off their store and street signs, and Carrefour Italy’s head office in Milan went into night mode by turning down the lights in its offices. These are just some of the initiatives that have resulted from Carrefour Italy’s compliance with the “M’Illumino di meno” campaign, now in its eighteenth year. It was designed and implemented by Caterpillar, the historical program that airs on RAI radio 2.

Significant milestones have been achieved, with full LED lighting of stores, remote management of technical installations and the development of CO2 technology for low environmental impact food refrigeration.

For Carrefour Italy, “M’Illumino di meno” is an opportunity to reinforce the incentive activities to decrease consumption, which are targeted to all of its customers and employees and which confirms its status as the first ambassador and supporter of the fight against waste.

In its stores, in fact, customers are made aware of purchases of some Eco Planet products, which are sustainable and ecosystem-friendly. Employees are provided with suggestions and tips on living sustainably, in line with Carrefour’s own philosophy and attention to the environment. For example, the use of carpooling is encouraged, and many employees in the region get to their jobs by sharing cars. Carrefour Italy has also developed active involvement of its employees’ families through the publication, on the intranet and in “Carrefour Life Magazine”, of children’s drawings focused on its “Environmentally Friendly Superhero.”

The 1000+ employees who work at the Milan office will also have the opportunity to register for Share’ngo, the electric car sharing service, under very favorable conditions, to even further expand the use of a transportation service that Carrefour Italy has made available to its customers for some time now through a dedicated partnership.

What better good can you do for yourself and for the environment when you decide not to use the elevator and join in the “Scale a Piedi” [“Walk the Stairs”] initiative? This is exactly the motto behind the invitation that Carrefour Italy sent to its head office employees, suggesting that they use the stairs throughout the day today and in the future. Also today, in the same location, the “LiberaMenteLibri” [“FreeMindBooks”] space is being inaugurated, in which employees can exchange books and share their favorites with their colleagues.


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