Carrefour Belgium sells free-range chickens reared without antibiotics

Carrefour Belgium has just introduced a Carrefour Quality Line of free-range chickens reared without antibiotics which naturally develop their own immune systems thanks to the beneficial properties of plants. By introducing this line, Carrefour Belgium is meeting its consumers' expectations and honouring its commitment to provide its customers with authentic, high-quality products at affordable prices.
Unique and innovative rearing conditions
The farmers involved in the new Carrefour Quality Line of free-range chickens are aware of what consumers want and so put a great deal of effort into the rearing conditions, the quality of the food and the care that the poultry gets.
The animals are reared out in the open and are given 100% plant-based feeds that are enriched with essential oils, contain less than 0.9% GMOs and are at least 75% cereal-based.
The chickens are a hardy species that are able to withstand being reared naturally, without antibiotics or coccidiostatic drugs. The farmers have adopted a preventive approach which involves using plants and plant extracts. This new method promotes the development of animals' natural resistance, protecting them against disease.
A chicken that is well treated, well-nourished and well looked after
By focusing on the chickens' rearing conditions, the quality of the feeds they get and by using alternative natural methods, their well-being and the quality of the poultry they produce are guaranteed. Carrefour attaches importance to the roles and expertise of the farmers who play a key role in the product's quality!
For this particular Carrefour Quality Line, the Group is working with 150 producers. Each chicken packaging bears a QR code that customers can scan with their smartphones. They can then view a short video about the producer who has reared the chicken they are about to purchase.
Carrefour Quality Line
The Carrefour Quality Line label emphasises 3 principles:
Respecting the customer by providing them with products of flawless quality, respecting the producer by entering into long-lasting partnerships with them and respecting the animals and the environment by adhering to extremely strict standards. This way, Carrefour generates value along the whole length of the supply chain and tackles the problem of agricultural products being devalued.

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