Carrefour awarded the “2017 Rama Prize" in recognition of its strict traceability requirements


For the second year in a row, Carrefour has been awarded the “2017 Rama Prize", a food traceability and monitoring programme in the "Distinguished retailer" category, in recognition of its strict traceability requirementsThis Prize was awarded by Abras – the Brazilian supermarket association – in São Paulo during its presentation of its second summary of progress made in controlling the use of farm pesticides in fruit and vegetable production in Brazil.

"Carrefour's aim is to be able to completely monitor its whole fruit and vegetable supply chain, so it can guarantee its customers a safe, high-quality selection of foods that help preserve the planet's biodiversity and enhance the well-being of communities", says Paulo Pianez, head of Carrefour Brazil's sustainability department. "Carrefour's membership of Rama means that we can bolster our control and traceability procedures with a programme for training our suppliers in best production practices", adds Pianez.

Last year, 1.244 million tonnes of foodstuffs were traced via the Rama programme. That's 23.6% more than in 2015 (1.006 million tonnes), and the compliance index was 73% – up from 66% recorded for the previous year. Currently, the Rama programme traces 104,000 tonnes of Brazilian fruit and vegetables on average per month. The results are obtained following analyses of the residual quantities of pesticides in the samples collected. The data is then made available on the online portal so that producers/suppliers and distributors can monitor the products on a continual basis. Furthermore, consumers can find out about the journey that their foodstuffs have taken by scanning the QR code on the packaging, or even directly online via the Rama portal.

For 15 years, the Carrefour Quality Lines in Brazil have been another programme involving producers who are committed to providing fresh products that meet strict requirements in terms of traceability, quality, taste and authenticity.


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