Carrefour and the FEEE enter into the first agreement on logistics penalties for SMEs


Dominique Amirault, President of the FEEF (the Fédération des Entreprises et Entrepreneurs de France - France’s Federation of Enterprises and Entrepreneurs) and Pascal Clouzard, Executive Director of Carrefour France, have announced the signing of the first agreement on logistics penalties for very small, small and medium-sized companies in order to improve the quality of the supply chain.
This innovative agreement, signed during business negotiations, is in line with both parties’ interests and is designed to improve the quality and availability of products for consumers.

Within this framework, Carrefour and the FEEF are making four innovative and priority commitments to help SMEs and small companies which generate sales of under €200 million:

1. No logistics penalties for very small companies
The Carrefour Group undertakes not to invoice very small companies which generate turnover equal to or less than €2 million for any additional logistics costs or sales indemnities.

2. One day’s tolerance for delivery by email
The Carrefour Group undertakes not to invoice small, very small or medium-sized companies for any additional logistics costs in the event of delivery delays equal to or less than one day for all deliveries made by email (deliveries of 1 to 5 pallets)

3. More effective anticipation of promotional volumes
For national campaigns targeting grocery products, self-service products, liquids and household and personal care products, the Carrefour Group undertakes to send very small, small and medium-sized companies order estimates 56 days before the delivery date, then no more than 20 days before delivery, once a firm order has been submitted. This way, these companies will be able to plan ahead more effectively and take measures to ensure that enough of the products are available in stores.

4. Dedicated contacts for resolving disputes
The Carrefour Group will send small, very small and medium-sized companies the names of contacts tasked with processing additional logistics costs and invoicing business indemnities so as to open up a dialogue and make it easier to solve disputes.

This agreement is applicable for a fifteen-month period. The Carrefour Group and the FEEF will carry out a phase review after the first six months.

Download the release of the 2019 01 31 (pdf 661.45 KB)

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