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Carrefour and its franchisee MAF join forces in Egypt to champion equal opportunities


Carrefour and its franchisee MAF join forces in Egypt to champion equal opportunitiesThe "Egyptian Women: Pioneers of the Future" project, jointly developed by the French & Egyptian governments, was launched on 19 April.

The purpose of this initiative is to promote equal opportunities for Egyptian men and women in the workplace and facilitate professional training, as well as enhancing the employability of young women from underprivileged neighbourhoods. Local NGOs and major French and international companies – including Carrefour – which are committed to promoting equal opportunities will be working out in the field, providing these women with internships and employment. The stakeholders involved have formed a club – the “Arborus Egypt Club".

The project is the cornerstone of a more global policy designed to promote equal opportunities in companies operating in Egypt. Above and beyond considerations of equality, the initiative should also be seen as an essential mainstay supporting Egypt’s economic development.

At the same time, the Arborus Egypt Club – of which Carrefour Egypt is a member – has launched "Boost Her", a solidarity initiative. This is a mentoring system to help women who are vulnerable to exclusion establish a foothold on the job market by undertaking internships in major companies which are likely to lead to permanent jobs.

For a number of years now, Carrefour has been promoting equal opportunities and has spearheaded a number of initiatives to this end, including the Women Leaders programme. This is designed to increase the share of women in management positions. The proportion has grown by more than 10% since 2012.  


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