Carrefour, a partner of the 4th Hello Tomorrow Global Summit in the “Food & Agriculture” category

The fourth Hello Tomorrow Global Summit was held on 26 and 27 October 2017 at the Cent-Quatre centre in Paris.

Hello Tomorrow Global Summit, the international conference dedicated to “deeptech” innovations that will shape the world of tomorrow, attracted more than 3,000 visionaries and entrepreneurs from 120 countries.
This event marked the launch of the Hello Tomorrow Challenge, a European competition of innovative projects designed to connect, promote and give a boost to talented young Europeans determined to solve the major problems of today's world through scientific and technological innovations.

Several themes were represented at the conference, including food & agriculture, aerospace, wellbeing, data and artificial intelligence, environment, industry 4.0, mobility, new materials, healthcare and energy transition.

During this event, Carrefour launched its own competition: "Wellbeing & Food Startup Contest" centred around the themes of "wellbeing and food". Out of 70 applicants, around 10 startup finalists were invited to pitch their solutions on 27 October before a multidisciplinary jury.

The big winner was FAR, an application capable of recognizing any product, retrieving its list of ingredients and comparing them with the user's preferences. FAR took home a prize of €5,000 and made its first contact with the Group.

 Description of the nine other finalist projects:
- Aryballe Technologies: solution that measures the representation of smells and tastes of products.
- Bonumose: low-cost tagatose production system (natural sweetener that is an alternative to traditional sugar)
- Siga: product strategy solution for manufacturers, suppliers and distributors.
- Asarasi: Pioneer in organic bottled water. To avoid wasting water, Asarasi has developed a system that uses pure water from trees.
- Impact Vision: platform that provides information about food quality and characteristics.
- Ocni Factory, creation of the first “seasoning pencils”
- Seafood IQ: Seafood IQ has developed an intelligent supply chain monitoring system that records data in real time about product temperature, time and location.
- Astrona: produces an easy-to-use pathogen detection device that can be implemented during each phase of food production "from the field to the plate"
Suggestic: Suggestic is an application that helps users develop a food plan based on their personal goals (weight loss, etc.)

The winners:
• Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2017 Top Prize – €100,000  
Saathi (India)
The solution: Saathi develops biodegradable sanitary napkins made from banana fibre.

• Food & Agriculture challenge – €15,000
String Bio (India)
The solution: creation of a biological conversion process to transform methane gas into various value-added products, including single-cell protein used for animal feed.

• Wellbeing & Food Startup Contest - €5,000
FAR (France)
The application identifies packaging and associates lists of ingredients with it, which it automatically compares to the user’s diet plan.

• Jury’s favourite:
Ocni Factory (France)
The first seasoning shaving pencils to accompany your dishes


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