A new Carrefour City store in Paris: organic products, quality and freshness right in the heart of community life

On 21 June, a Carrefour City store will be opening at BEAUPASSAGE, the new Paris venue dedicated to well-being and everything that's good and beautiful, right in the heart of the capital's 7th arrondissement. With an extremely wide selection of organic, gluten-free and vegan products, this new store is very much in line with the group's aim of becoming one of the main companies engaged in making organic products available to as many people as possible, and spearheading the food transition for everyone by 2022. It is also evidence of the group's desire to increase its numbers of convenience stores.

Carrefour City BEAUPASSAGE: organic products, quality and freshness right in the heart of community life

Featuring a decor that combines wood and brick, and highly stylish lighting units, the new Carrefour City BEAUPASSAGE aspires to being somewhere where people can enjoy shopping. With a surface area of nearly 600 m², a third of its sales area is for organic, gluten-free and vegan products: a dedicated 200 m² area sells 1500 items, 70 of which are organic products sold in bulk, in order to meet consumers' needs.

The store also offers a number of services to make people's day-to-day lives easier: the “Quatre Epingles” ("dressed up to the nines”) neighbourhood concierge service, the "Monkey Locky" service (customers have access to connected lockers so they can securely pass keys to one another when renting apartments, etc.), home delivery and a pick-up point for items purchased from the GrandsVins-privé and websites.

This new Carrefour City store has been redesigned to function as a meeting place, built around a communal bar area and a terrace where people can dine, have coffee and even exchange books via a shared library.

BEAUPASSAGE: full of flavour in an architectural setting 

Hidden away between the famous Boulevard Raspail and the rues de Grenelle and du Bac, right next to the Musée Maillol in Paris' seventh arrondissement, BEAUPASSAGE is a place through which people can stroll under open skies. Well-being and gourmet treats, tree-lined areas and works of art are the ingredients making up this new exceptional location. Leading craftsmen and craftswomen such as Yannick Alléno, Nicole Barthélémy, Olivier Bellin, Abdoulaye Fadiga, Pierre Hermé, Thierry Marx, Anne-Sophie Pic, Alexandre Polmard and Junichi Yamaguchi have all set up there, bringing their audacious creations to the location, offering visitors an unexpected but accessible experience. 

Carrefour City Beaupassage: facts and figures

Store manager: Elyo Salloum

Surface area: nearly 600 m², including 200 m² for 1500 organic, vegan and gluten-free products

Number of employees: More than twenty employees

Product selection: nearly 6000 items

Opening times: 7 AM to 11 PM Monday to Saturday, 9 AM to 11 PM on Sundays

Services: Home delivery service, pick-up point for products ordered from GrandsVines-Privé and, neighbourhood concierge service, connected lockers for sharing keys, shared library


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