To become shareholder

You only need to own one share to become a Carrefour shareholder and own a portion of its capital. You can hold Carrefour shares in two different forms: bearer and registered.

The ways in which Carrefour shares are held

Bearer shares
Shares are registered with the authorised financial intermediary of your choice (investment services provider, bank or on-line broker), which acts as an intermediary between the order originator and the market. If the shares are held in bearer form, you may consolidate all shares in your portfolio within a single account; however, your identity is not known to Carrefour.

Registered shares
There are two ways to register your shares.

  • Registered administered shares

Your stock portfolio is held by your financial intermediary, which manages your account and serves as your contact. However, your shares are entered in the Carrefour share register, which allows us to identify you and establish direct contact.

  • Direct registered shares

Your shares are registered directly and exclusively in Carrefour's register, which enables us to identify you and offer personal support. Carrefour has authorised Société Générale Securities Services (SGSS) to manage the direct registered shares. SGSS is your sole point of contact.

Benefits of direct registration

Becoming a direct registered or administered registered shareholder offers the following benefits:

Assurance of personalised information
Direct registered shareholders are automatically invited to attend the Shareholders’ Meeting, and do not need to follow any prior formalities. They receive the notice of meeting directly at their residence, along with the postal vote/proxy form which includes the application for an admission card. Shareholders’ newsletters are sent to you automatically. You can also access a telephone helpline at SGSS, which manages Carrefour’s shareholding service. A team of advisors will keep you informed about the management of your shares, tax rules applicable to securities and the organisation of Shareholders’ Meetings.

Double voting rights
Each share held in registered form for at least two years benefits from a double voting right.

As a registered shareholder, you also benefit from:
an exemption from custodial and management fees; access to the Sharinbox website: The secure Sharinbox website (access with a login sent by SGSS and a personalised password) allows you to check your personal data (postal address, tax address, bank details), and to view your holdings and the record of your transactions. It also enables you to place buy or sell orders on-line.

Convert your shares to direct registered shares

How do I convert my shares to direct registered form?
Simply sent your financial intermediary the duly completed and signed share transfer request form, which is available on our website. Your intermediary will submit your request to SGSS. Upon receipt of your shares, SGSS, authorised by Carrefour to manage registered accounts, will send you a certification that your shares have been registered in the corresponding account. SGSS will become your single point of contact. A transaction notice will be sent to you following each transaction performed on your account. The transaction notice is issued by any financial intermediary that informs the shareholder that the buy or sell order was executed. At the beginning of each year, SGSS will send you an annual statement of your portfolio’s value at 31 December of the previous year.

Convert your shares to registered administered form
If you wish to hold your shares as intermediary registered shares, you do not need to transfer your shares or change your bank. Your registered administered securities account will be managed by the financial institution of your choice. Your banker must register with our manager, SGSS, and will continue to manage your securities account. SGSS will register your shares as registered administered shares at no cost once it receives the request submitted by your financial intermediary. Shares held in a PEA (share savings account) may be in registered administrative form.

What is the cost of the share transfer, and when will it be made?
Fees and expenses for share transfers are determined by your financial intermediary. Please consult your intermediary’s fee schedule. For questions about the time required to transfer your shares, please speak with your financial intermediary. Conversion to a direct registered account is only final once your shares are actually transferred by your financial intermediary.

Download the Conversion to registered shares form : conversion_en.pdf
Download the Conversion into a pure registrered form : request_to_transfer_shares_into_a_pure_registered_form.pdf

Legal and tax implications

The same tax treatment applies to bearer shares and registered shares. You may register your shares with no tax consequences. This does not constitute a  transfer of ownership for tax purposes; rather, it is a change in the way that you hold your shares. This transaction is neutral with regard to capital gains tax on the sale of shares. At the start of the following year, you will receive a single tax declaration form (IFU) concerning the payment of dividends and any disposals made during the year just ended. SGSS calculates the capital gains or losses, providing a breakdown of capital gains and losses by the degree of tax relief based on the length of time the shares have been owned. This is supplied for your information only. Shareholders are solely responsible for determining their length of ownership and applicable tax relief.

Société Générale Securities Servicies Contact

  • Nomilia +33 2 51 85 67 89 a multilingual voice-operated server available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week  
  • Société Générale Securities Services (SGSS) 32, rue du Champ-de-Tir – CS 30812 44308 Nantes Cedex 3 Tel.: +33 2 51 85 67 89 Fax: +33 2 51 85 53 42  


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